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6. November 2014 13:42
by Jobo

Button for your thoughts? Custom Designed Dr Who Buttons... of course!

6. November 2014 13:42 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I've been plugging away on my Custom Dr Who Tardis Slippers... (you can read more here:  linky) and I finally have something fun to show!

After an exhaustive search for buttons... I wasn't able to find what I wanted - one inch sized two or four hole buttons with some kind of Dr Who themed design or pattern.  I looked at clay ones, and printed ones.  I found a dalek or two, and a couple of tardis ones, but nothing in the size and level of simplicity required for this project.

So I started thinking... If I could have any buttons, what would they look like?  And then it hits me - I could make buttons with a secret inside message for the slipper recipients! I could create buttons and write anything I wanted on them in Circular Gallifreyan!  (basically the made up language of the Time Lords in the series)

Then I started looking for a Gallifreyan translator... bought some one inch white resin buttons and a trusty permanent fine point marker...  and started playing with my idea.


Here are the finished buttons!  I think they look fantastic... and I love that the design actually represents words that are meaningful for my Client!


CONTEST: Would you like to win a set of three custom designed Dr Who Buttons for yourself?  Decipher the code and tell me what the top set of buttons says, and I will make you three buttons of your very own!  Please email entries to fiddle_grrl AT Hotmail DOT com with the subject of "Dr Who Buttons". Entries accepted until Nov 20/14 at 5 pm.  All correct entries will be entered in a hat for a random draw!  Like us and Share the post on Facebook for an extra entry :)

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