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29. October 2014 09:22
by Jobo

A Gradient Spin

29. October 2014 09:22 by Jobo | 0 Comments

While thinking about things I wanted to Blog about... I started looking back at some yarns I have worked on in the last little while.  This particular one sticks in my mind, and I daydream about what I should make with it!

The whole thing started as a small 1 oz sample braid of Merino from an unknown dyer, that I received in a swap box last year

The strip of "top" fades from a steely grey, through lavender, purple, pink, and almost burgundy... and since it's such a pretty run of color, I decided to strip it in half as carefully as possible and spin the two halves to be as identical as possible.  Here is one half on my Spanish Peacock Tibetan Supported Set... it's a lovely shade of warm dark red, and spins like a dream. This is the only set I have with a matching spindle and bowl, and I love it!  (Notice the large green thing in the foreground?  I was working on this when I was 7 months pregnant... lol. Hello Belly!)

After both halves were completed... I decided to chain ply them to keep the color runs, and would have two identical balls of gradient - hopefully enough when paired with some other yarn to make a pair of colorwork mittens for one of my kids.  Here is the progression of colors shown during plying on my Ashford Traveller.  You can see the loops a bit in my plying on the bobbin, but after a bath and a bit of a whack, they disappear.  I never find them noticeable in the knitting either.

And here is what it looks like plied and balled up!  Two half ounce balls of nearly identical color gradient goodness. 

I think I will pair them up with some charcoal grey commercial yarn I have in my stash and knit up some kind of fair isle or color stranded mittens... but I haven't decided yet what they should look like.  My oldest girl is silly and quirky, and I think she needs something more unique than just a snowflake or a flower.  I'll have to see if I can come up with something that will make her giggle and smile :)  She and I have the same goofy sense of humor.

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