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27. October 2014 10:00
by Jobo

Happy Fall... Cupcakes for All!

27. October 2014 10:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Cupcakes are always a good idea...  My daughter and I found a multipack of Wilton's Sprinkles in Halloween Themes, so of course, we made some mini cupcakes to share with family and friends at the Thanksgiving Shindig.  My kiddo loves to stir, crack eggs, lick spoons, count things, and sprinkle - so Cupcakes are always a win win win win win (and yum) around our house.  You should have seen her tapping the sprinkles container... carefully applying just the right amount onto each dollop of icing!  Sorry to get your hopes up.  There were none left.  The batch hardly survived 8 hours.  We plan on making these again for the Daycare Halloween Party this week!

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