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26. July 2012 21:09
by Jobo

A Facelift. Look Ma! I got a Makeover!

26. July 2012 21:09 by Jobo | 2 Comments

After several years of relative neglect… the poor lonely blog has finally gotten a bit  of a facelift and is undergoing some upgrades too : )


So… you might be seeing some more changes around here, but don’t worry!  I’m still working on lots of goodies and can’t wait to show you all what’s going on. 


Stay tuned!   (Oh, and a big thank-you to the webmaster – aka my Hubby – for all of his work!)

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Good thing I get paid so well to be a webmaster!

Tis a good thing.... I was going to say you get paid twice what I do to be a local internet celebrity... but then again 2x Nothing is still Nothing ;)

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