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5. October 2011 12:43
by Jobo

Still here... just hiding out!

5. October 2011 12:43 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Hi Folks,

I'm still around... still knitting... and still hiding out waiting for the little Jellybean to make an official appearance.  The lack of working camera has seriously been killing my Blogging Mojo lately!  I've been making all kinds of things, and working on baby goodies, but somehow it doesn't seem right to just describe them to you when there aren't bright happy clear photos to go along with the writeup in the end.

Well - I ordered a new camera MONDAY.  Apparently the extra awesome shipping confirmation says that the camera should be here TOMORROW!  This means that hopefully on the weekend (pending the learning period and reading the new users manual... which I will most likely require, in detail) I should be able to start photographing some fun things over the weekend!  This is exciting news to me... on so many levels!  Hubby and I decided on buying a Nikon D7000 - for several reasons... including hi-def video and a bunch of other cool features.  Now I just need to learn how to use it when it gets here!

In the mean time... the baby is growing and doing well.  I can't believe I'm 29 weeks now... which means the baby will be coming very very soon!  I need to get that quilt finished, and a bunch of other projects, but mostly I think the Babe itself is my most wonderful and challenging "project" to date.  Momma is getting impatient to meet you, little Monster!

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