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9. June 2011 11:48
by Jobo

Treats to eat while knitting...

9. June 2011 11:48 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Chocolate chip chewy cookiesLately I've been craving sweets, and I must say, these are some of the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever made.  They are so soft and chewy, even when days old (I know!  Blasphemy!  I think the batch only lasts a day and a half at most around here!) and delicious with milk.  I can't take much credit though - It's Alton Brown's recipe.  We've been watching Alton's show Good Eats for quite a while, and I can blame him for many kitchen gadgets entering my home, and also for adding many very tasty recipies to my family's repertoire!

Anyways - more about the cookies!  Alton explains that in order to make cookies that are chewy you need to alter the standard recipe a bit!  Egg whites dry things out... so you use 1 whole egg, and a second egg yolk only.  If the butter is cold, it doesn't absorb into the flour and dry ingredients the same, so the cookies would be crisper.  In this recipe, you melt the butter first, and you can opt to use bread flour (which has a chewier consistancy in the finished product) to help bump up the chewiness.  (Note: I used the all purpose flour I always have, and they were still fine)  Also, Browner sugar attracts more water, which leads to more softness, so you use much more brown than white sugar in this recipe.  I've been using semisweet Hershey Chips too, which taste delicious when still a bit warm and molten inside your delicious chewy cookie!  One other tip that is a must... I had never used parchment paper before making these, but it makes a huge difference!   The dough spreads lovely from the rounded scoop, and the cookies are ridiculously easy to remove from the pan, even though they are still soft.

You can find the recipe over here.... I am *not* responsible for how many of these you eat though!  You might want to grab an extra carton of Milk... you're going to need it!

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