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7. June 2011 10:51
by Jobo

The Wagon... I've fallen off!

7. June 2011 10:51 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Over the last few weeks... I have been knitting and spinning some.  I had lost some of my mojo there for a while, but I think it might be back.  Now I just need a new camera to be able to show it all off to you.

Mad Hatter:

I've been working on a nice ribbed, fingering weight, hat for a coworker... which is turning out nice, albeit quite a boring knit.  It's basically a 2x2 rib knit on 2.5 mm needles in the round, so it feels like I've just been going around and around in circles.  I chose the "Ribbed for his pleasure" pattern from Ravelry because it was simple, and resulted in a nice stretchy and comfortable traditional shaped hat with a rolled brim.  My friend has very little hair (by choice at this point I think) and often wears a beanie style hat with a rolled up brim when the air is chilly.  I've been wanting to finish this for a while.  I completed the main part of the hat the other day, and when I sit down to it again, I'll start the crown decreases.  It's almost complete... I think the crown is my favorite part, simply because the decreases look like a swirl, and of course, each row gets shorter and shorter!

Gardening Virtuoso:

Last summer when we moved into the "new" house, we didn't have a lawn yet, let alone any landscaping aspirations.  The big goal was to simply make the yard green, instead of the red mud pit that existed previously.  Well this year, with the grass part out of the way, we finally developed the flowerbeds out front, and Marky built me 2 container gardens (4x4 feet) for the back yard.  It will be so exciting to have vegetables and fresh herbs again!  The front flowerbed is now all planted, complete with Hostas, Bleeding Heart, a dainty Korean Miniature Lilac, a Blue Hydrangea, some seedum, johnny-jump-ups, and various other annuals and perennials.  It almost looks like I knew what I was doing... almost :)

Laminaria - i - aaa - i - aaa

I've been in love with the Laminaria shawl since I first laid eyes on it... probably on one of my first Ravelry searches for lace shawls.  I completed the first skein of my Purple Moth, BFL/Silk Laceweight on the weekend, and decided it might be fun to cast on, even though I only have about 170 yards of the yarn to work with so far.  (The rest will follow!)  and figured it was time to give the Lam and go.  So far so good.  If I ever manage to take a decent cell-phone photo, or actually buy a camera (plan in the works) I'll get to show it off! I love the starry stitch for the first section.  My yarn is quite fine (170 yards in 17 grams) so I decided I would try my 3mm Woody Knitters as the needles.  I love the feel of them for lace work.  It's looking like I should have somewhere between 900 - 1000 yards of yarn from my generous 4 ounce braid, so there is a lot of spinning left to do.  Good thing it's a really great spin!

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