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22. March 2011 08:50
by Jobo

A Comeback of Sorts...

22. March 2011 08:50 by Jobo | 1 Comments

comeĀ·back (kmbk)

n.  1. A return to formerly enjoyed status or prosperity: The film star *knitter* made an unexpected comeback.

I've been procrastinating and unsure how to come back to the blog.  I'm not trying to be overdramatic, or make more of something than it is... it just seems the last 2 weeks that I've been a bit of a lost puppy roaming the yard for fresh smells and coming up short.

I have been knitting... a Lot!  I actually finished a pair of socks (my own design, pattern coming soon) and started another.  I completed a pair of children's mittens, and even finished the Ruttiger-Strawberries Stole.  Do you think I could take a decent photograph though?  Nah.  By the time I think of getting out the camera, the sun is halfway down and the light wouldn't make for proper images.  I know I just have to get going on this, but my ambition seems to have flown the coop.

So I suppose I just need to DO IT.  (no this isn't a Nike ad)  Life goes on, and Grampy wouldn't want me to feel bummed forever.  He would likely tell me to suck it up.  So I guess I need to just do that.

The next few posts may not be photo heavy, but they'll be all about the latest projects.

Cool Dude Ruttiger March 8 2011

Why Yes... I AM a Cool Dude Bunny!?  When Mommy is away, Daddy likes to tease me and make me dress up in silly people clothes. 

I think this is his Callaway golf hat, you can't see the logo?  Oh Riiiight... he has it on backwards to my ears can go up. 

I think his blue hat might have looked more stylish, but this one was ok too. 

What's next?  posing me with the golf clubs?  Clearly it is almost spring!  Somebody is starting to dream of hitting a little white ball all over a great big, well groomed, park for big boys. 

Ahhh spring.  Maybe I'll get to play outside sometime soon?  when the knee-deep muck dries up?

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Give yourself some time girl.  You are doing great.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  Healing can't be forced, it'll take some time.  Lotsa Hugs....

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