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4. February 2011 07:11
by Jobo

Happy Friday... (insert shameless Bunny Photo here)

4. February 2011 07:11 by Jobo | 3 Comments

ruttiger disapproves

I think Ruttiger even knows it's Friday today... he was giving me the "stink-eye" about leaving for work today.  It was the "I know, I know, you're LEAVING again... and I'm going to be hanging out here by MYSELF alllll day... hmph! At least the Kibbles are good.  Mphmhmhmmmm, kibbles are always tasty..."  He is a cute little fluffernutter though... always cute!  his coat is growing in wonderfully too after the pre-Christmas shedding. I wish I could bury my face in that soft fluff right now.

Kim and I had our Salor KAL delayed by a few days (curse you stupid storm!) so we are hoping to cast on tomorrow morning!  It's not too late?!  you can totally cast on with us!   Hint Hint, nudge nudge!  Just let me know how you're progressing and we can all work together :)

Happy Friday!

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