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18. January 2011 09:15
by Jobo

Musing about "the Muse"

18. January 2011 09:15 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I'm still working away on my Allegheny Muse!  the other night I reached a point in the pattern where there were several rows with no beads.... Boy do those rows ever fly by quickly when there are no BEADS to fuss with!?

allegheny muse jan 14 2011 beads

I'm enjoying this pattern so far... the chart is pretty basic to read, and the bead placement has been interesting and satisfying.  I'm finding the yarn is a little difficult to drag through the bead without splitting a bit, but I think that's probably because my hook is a little small for the yarn itself.  The cashmere blend yarn is so soft and light though... I can't wait to drape it around my neck as a completed shawl.  One thing is for certain though, doing all of those long rows first, the last half of the shawl will likely just fly off the needles!

allegheny muse jan 14 2011

I'd say that I'll have the lace charts done before the end of next week if this pace keeps up!

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