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10. January 2011 05:36
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Waterloo Wools

10. January 2011 05:36 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I picked up this lovely little Crimson and Gold braid at the Maritime Handspinner's Retreat last October... and I am finally getting around to spinning it up!  I decided I wanted to do this one on a handspindle, and the teensy Golding dragonfly was the obvious choice for making laceweight... duh!

Waterloo Wools Seacell merino Blend

Well... it is slowly becoming some lovely fine singles... and will eventually become 2 ply laceweight!  This is my current "Purse" Project, both because the fiber is so easy to handle and because the spindle itself is so conveniently sized.

persimmon singles

The singles themselves are nice and tightly spun, and have just the right amount of shine from the Seacell Content.  The wool itself is nice and springy.  The color is vibrant and intense. (And look Ma... no dye bleeding on my hands either!)

persimmon better light

In this photo... you see me winding the singles off of the spindle shaft onto my hand in the "Andean" or "Handy" plying style.  Once the yarn is neatly arranged on my hand, I then double the yarn back onto itself and make a "plying ball" which is basically just two strands of single held together and wound into a standard ball.  I like to wind my plying ball around something else (to avoid the tangly centres) and generally will start wrapping around a ball of waste yarn or a ball of paper or something. 

As for the arrangement of color... I didn't overthink this one.  I've been just ripping off small chunks from the "Chained" roving end as is, wrapping them over a finger and spinning them from the fold.  The fiber itself is a mix of shades of reds and oranges, and in the final yarn, those shades will just be randomly placed throughout the yarn.  

I think this yarn will end up in a shawl, mostly likely knitted, and strung with garnet beads.  something semi transparent, and very very dark red, maybe glass beads or maybe semi-precious stone beads or something.  Hmmm.  The possibilities ;)

If you'd like to get your hands on some of this fiber... my Weaving Bud, Janet, over at the Bobbin Tree would love to hear from you!

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