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17. November 2010 05:43
by Jobo

Angora Lovers Swap!

17. November 2010 05:43 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I received my lovely Angora Lover's Swap last week, and then didn't get a chance to show you all! Vicki sent me a box of lovely items! here they are going counterclockwise around the circle :)

1- Some Wensleydale locks... clearly marked "Not Mohair" since that is the one fiber I seem to react to.  They are curly and bouncy and wonderful!  Maybe I will learn to use them to hook rugs someday like I saw at the retreat?  There was a class that showed how to hook with wool locks, resulting in little hooked sheep with curly wonderful fleeces :)

2- An Ebony Wood Crochet Hook!  I've never worked with a wooden hook, nor one as pretty as this one :)  All smooth and black and classy.  It's a 6 mm... which should be perfect next time I feel an afghan coming on.

3- Vern's Almond Toffee - Oh. My. Gosh.  This stuff was beyond Delicious.  Once the box was opened there was no going back.  If Conneticutt was closer, I'd be taking a drive over to that shop and buying some more of it.  Caramel - Good.  Chocolate - Good.  Almonds - Good.  Empty Box?  Doh...  Not Good.

4- A rabbit tea cup set!  With little green carrots on the saucer, a hopping bunny on the cup itself, a stainless tea strainer inside, and a cover topped with a cute little sculpted bunny... this cup is full of Win.  Everything tastes better when drunk from this cup.  (Trust me, I've tried various beverages!) 

5- Gourmet Loose Black Tea - Yummy yummy!  The bag says that has honey undertones... and doesn't disappoint!  I've never tried loose tea... mostly because I'm lazy and didn't have the proper strainer apparatus.  Bags were easy and accessible.  I'm not sure how I'll go back to the boring old Red Rose now that I've been thoroughly spoiled by this stuff!

(not shown in Photo... A tiny Furry Critter stitch marker... destined to be sewn to my knitting bag, where I can see him.  He looks a little like a hamster, but still a bit bunnylike too lol)

angora swap goodies

Thanks again to the Angora Swappers Group... and to Vicki for the wonderful Treasures :)

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