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1. November 2010 09:36
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Hand Dyed Merino Roving... Jobo-Colors-Style!

1. November 2010 09:36 by Jobo | 4 Comments

I've been working on a couple of commissioned projects this month... trying to get things finished for the Holidays... and this is one of them.  The plan is to make a pair of Lined mittens out of handspun yarn for a young woman who wears a lot of blue jeans and a black winter coat. 

Dyed Fiber

This is some super soft Merino Top (one of my favorites to work with, and also to dye with)  that I hand painted with some Jacquard Acid Dyes.  Basically I soaked the natural colored wool and then splashed it sparsely with shades of Black, Gunmetal Grey and bits of Teal Blue, then wrapped in Plastic Wrap and Nuked in the Microwave until set.  The places where the Black blended into the cream fiber created some nice brownish areas and the grays and blues are fading nicely from medium to light shades. 

fiber nests two

It might look in the photos like there is a lot of brown, but it's actually not as visible as all of that... the Grays, Blues and Blacks dominate quite nicely.  These little "Nests" of predrafted fiber will become a nice bouncy, round, worsted weight 3-ply yarn to even out the colors and blend the shades together further.  The light pearly blues and pale grays that appear sporadically in the mix remind me of the shimmering shades in Mother of Pearl... I think these mittens will require buttons of the mother-of-pearl variety to be incorporated into the design :) 

fiber nests

Maybe next week's Yarn Candy will be the finished yarn?  One can only hope...

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Can't wait to see it spun/knit up.  Those are totally the dark and moody colors I love.  I'm jealous of your ability to actually turn out usable yarn.  I'm taking it as a prod to dig out some of my (less than stellar) handspun and see if I can't do something with it!

lol... I also like the colors with some attitude.  I have a feeling it will be difficult to let these mittens go when they're finished.  (I have the first skein done now.... and I hope to post photos of it tomorrow or maybe friday depending on if I can get some decent pics in daylight.)

I think you can always find a project that will suit a skein of handspun, regardless of the texture, or so-called-flaw in it Smile  Just leave it sitting where you will see it, and inspiration will strike eventually!  ;)

thanks for sharing Jo!   nice

thanks for sharing Jo! nice

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