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29. September 2010 08:24
by Jobo

Wanted: An Honest Simple Knit.

29. September 2010 08:24 by Jobo | 3 Comments

Sometimes, we all just need a simple knit...

A knit where no strenuous thinking is required. 

You won't need a pattern with this knit. 

If the phone rings during your knitting time, you just answer and talk along while you knit this knit.

You won't need adequate lighting, because your fingers already I what they are doing. 

You will be able to watch movies with subtitles while you knit. 

Your husband can ask you questions involving numbers while working on this knit, because you don't have to count anything, you will be able to answer the exact balance of your savings account and not worry that you will lose your place. 

There will be no swearing required during this knit. No Frogging or Tinking either.

At the end of the evening when you put this knit down and get ready for bed, there will be no grumbling and complaining about how the stitch count wasn't working out, or how you know you will need to frog everything in the morning.

The only sighs expressed during this knit, are sighs of joy and contentment.

When people compliment this finished knit... they will tell you how beautiful and wonderful it is, and you will smile because you know that when you answer "Aw, it was easy, a total no-brainer" you won't be lying this time.

This knit will be wonderful...

Now Darnnit!  What is it?  Where do I find it?  How soon can I cast on?  sigh....

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I totally agree!  I always try to have a 'brainless' knit lying around.
I think the Clapotis (Knitty) can't be beat.  It doesn't look too simple, but once you're in the repeats, it really is a piece of cake... and it looks so great when it's finished!
I've made 4 already Smile

I haven't made a Clapotis yet... but it is on the list for someday ;)  Maybe I should rethink my queue order?

Sign me up for the pattern you find that's like that! ;)

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