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10. September 2010 04:27
by Jobo

Ruttiger vs. Hurricane Earl

10. September 2010 04:27 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Here on P.E.I. we were lucky last weekend... Hurricane Earl did make an appearance, but thankfully in a downgraded form.  Saturday morning when we got up the storm hadn't really started yet, but as the morning progressed the wind picked up and the rain started. The power went out a few times, and we got a little wet running to and from the car, but there was no lasting damage.  A good friend of ours got married in the middle of the storm Saturday afternoon... and even managed to get some outdoor photographs, likely as the eye of the storm passed overhead.

Ruttiger and I decided to go outside on the patio when the wind had just started... after a week of stifling heat and sickening humidity the fresh air felt heavenly... albeit a little strong (if you're a little bunny with big fur)  Who needs to buy a professional quality grooming "blower"?  (Daddy is holding him by the way... and though windswept, I think he kinda liked it!)

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My kids both got a kick out of that video. It was hard to tell he's a rabbit with all that wind blowing his fur around!

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