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31. August 2010 15:43
by Jobo

IK2: Iron Knitter 2 - Mad Knitting begins Sept 1st!

31. August 2010 15:43 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I thoroughly enjoyed last year's Iron Knitter competition:  6 rounds of socksational knitting mayhem!  I learned new techniques (colorwork in socks, crazy lace, unique construction, etc) and I met a lot of neat new people too!

IK2 has a tv theme this year - AMC's hit show Mad Men.  Helen assures us that you don't need to watch the show to succeed in the competition, but I've actually been a fan of the show since the beginning... and Marky and I just rewatched the first 3 seasons in anticipation of the next one finishing soon.  (The husbeast wanted to wait until season 4 finished, and then we'll watch the whole thing in a matter of days/weeks... that way he won't miss any due to the summer busy-ness)

I hope that life allows me the flexibility that I had for the last IK competition... but who knows!  I guess I'll start out with the rest of the pack and hope for the best :)

mad knitting

By the way... Apparently I'm a "Jane Siegel" according to the "Which MadMen character are you?" quiz

Which character are you?  (link to quiz here)

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