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So far I can only pick but I would love to do both. Mostly because I always want to try as much stuff as possible. I love how much new stuff you can learn in this craft! Smile

Me Too!  I learned as a "thrower" mostly because I was pretty young (like 5-6 years old) and I don't think I could have managed all of the intricacies of continental style.  Recently I taught myself to do fair isle two-handed, so now I can do knit stitches holding the yarn in my left hand... I guess I need to take the time to teach myself to do purls that way too and I'll be able to practice continental too!

I don't really pick but I knit continental so I checked the picker choice.
I have friends who throw but I just can't.  All that picking up and putting down.  And I don't know which way to throw so my stitches come out every which way.

I pick.  I throw.  I have my own leftie learning from a rightie style that is all my own.

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