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9. March 2010 16:42
by Jobo

Golden Cables... Iron Knitter Round 4

9. March 2010 16:42 by Jobo | 1 Comments

I have always wanted to try some socks with those tiny 2-stitch cables all over them, but somehow hadn't gotten the chance yet.  Well my chance has arrived!

Iron Knitter Round 4 features just such a pattern:  Maeve by Janneke Maat

With lots twisted stitches and teensy cables and celtic knots galore... this pattern is really well written and has very complete charts and stitch descriptions. 

At first glance I was thinking that they would be really difficult and it would take me forever to finish these... but after I brushed up on my cabling-without-a-cable-needle technique I realized that I had either overestimated the difficulty of the pattern, or underestimated my skill level with cables. 

first one

I haven't had much time to knit over the last few days, only an hour here and there, and already I have the first sock almost finished.  I am 2 rows from beginning the cuff chart, and it is mostly twisted rib with a few tiny cable braids scattered.  That part should be finished tonight, and hopefully the next toe started.


The little braid/rope that runs up both sides of the front of foot design is very satisfying to work.  It looks particularly good slightly stretched as it will on the foot when completed... I think I may have to snarf this design element next time I design to make up my own socks as I go. 

The columns of twisted stitches are fun too.  The first few rows I had a hard time remembering to knit through the back loop, but I am over that now, and things are flying along quite well

The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed in "Gold"...Which is particularly difficult to photograph properly.  In daylight it is a mix of warm golds and light browns, kind of like a knotty pine board, but in artificial light it seems to look more flat and boring.  I will try and take some photos outside in the sun before I am done.


I had imagined little celtic knot nightmares, but they really aren't that bad.  Since I have been working on them after work, at times when I am a little tired and less attentive than I'd like, I decided to print out the pattern and mark each row completed.  I know this is a pain in the derriere, and requires stopping and marking after each row, but at least then I was certain of a few things.  Because I marked all the way across the pattern I was able to quickly see which row I needed to focus on in the chart.  I won't have to recount my rows to make an identical second socky, since I know exactly how many rows I did.  I can put down my knitting quickly and pick it up again quickly without thinking too hard... which is nice for breaks at work and rides in the car.  Otherwise I would never be able to knit 1-2 rows at a time and drop the sock without getting lost.


I am hoping to finish Number One tonight, since I am only 2 pattern rows from the cuff, and hopefully I can get the toes of number Two started too.  My goal is to have these completed and blocked by Friday, though we only need to finish by March 20 to stay in the running for Iron Knitter.  I can't believe it... I'm still in the competition.  Some of these knitters are SERIOUS cats!  One lady (SarahBess) knocks off socks in 18-20 hours... which is an amazing feat in itself not considering the fact that these are kamikaze-cable socks.  These are not a simple design.  She is a real inspiration to me.  I think of myself as a pretty fast and efficient knitter, but she puts my skillz to shame.  I want to fall in the same vat of radioactive superhero-inducing goo that she found... maybe then I'll have a chance at the Iron Knitter Title.

Anyways... back to the knitting!

first one 2


To all you readers out in the Blogisphere... are there any Techniques or Knitting Styles that you've been eyeing up but haven't had the chance to try yet?  Are you Entranced by Entrelac?  Captivated by Cables?  Fascinated by Felting?  Tempted by Toe-up Socks?  Mystified by Magic Loop?  Freaking out for Fair-Isle?  Leave me a comment and tell me what you're interested in!

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