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15. February 2010 11:05
by Jobo

Wear them? or Frame them?

15. February 2010 11:05 by Jobo | 3 Comments

folks... I've knit entire lace shawls that didn't have this much lace!  I'm not sure which part of these socks made them so challenging, but they were certainly not the sort of knit that you could drop and pick up haphazardly!

finished wishing 5

When I started out on this lacy journey, many of my fellow iron knitters were having issues with gauge and size problems.  There were many complaints of XLL cuffs and socks... but for some reason, I got great results with the exact needles called for (2.25 mm) and my first purchase of Araucania Ranco.  Maybe my results had something to do with the fact that the pattern was actually test knit with that yarn (something I discovered while browsing through the completed projects on Ravelry)

Either way, these babies fit fantastically.  The heel fits very nicely, and the teeny little cables on the side seem to just hug the right places.  The foot length was just right after 2 repeats of the chart pattern, so I did not need to fudge anything to add in the little leaf-motif for the toe.  I opted to continue the diamond pattern down the foot as well, because I liked it so much. 

Of the two lace panels, the diamond based one was by far my favorite.  I think it's because I have a thing for geometrics.  I like rounded, curly, leafy type patterns, but always seem to go back to angular, pointy, lattice-like types of motifs.  I guess everyone has a style.  I did really enjoy the contrast between the rounded and angular panels though, and I really got to practice my "cabling with no cable needle" technique on the little cables.  I will definitely try more teensy cables in future socks.

finished wishing 3

Oh.... and I made the cutoff!  I'm still in the competition... Onto pattern 3!

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Those socks are amazing! They're too pretty to hide in shoes!

Very beautiful! Love them!

Super-Duper web site! I am loving it!! Will come back again - receiving your feeds also, Thanks.

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