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9. February 2010 14:08
by Jobo

Obituary: Killed by Socks!

9. February 2010 14:08 by Jobo | 5 Comments

Yesterday evening, February 8 2010, in her very own kitchen just before supper - The Double Pointed Needler officially succumbed to fatal sock-inflicted injuries. 

death socks on! 

Carefully crafted from Knit Picks Illusion yarn, the weapons were soft but swift.  These alpaca babies were definitely not skittish about meeting strangers.  They leapt from the carefully addressed and delivered yellow envelope and quickly and permanently wrapped themselves around the victim's feet.

envelope of death The Needler is reported to have slouched in her chair immediately - out of pure handmade sock pleasure.  Also, added to the tragic package to soften the beastly blow were 2 beautiful bars of Ghirardelli chocolate (one with dark chocolate and caramel, the other milk) and a tube of Burt's Bees Honey lip balm.  A kind note accompanied the assassin's sockly treasure offering condolences - but no apologies - for socks well knitted and games well played.

When contacted for comments, the Needler's Husband refused to speak with our reporters, but admitted his sadness and sense of loss over the whole fiasco.  Though he thinks perhaps now that there are no further rounds of insane sock assassination missions, perhaps his wife might be able to finish his afghan, which has been in progress for far longer than any pair of socks he has ever seen.


death socks booty

From the grave, The Double Pointed Needler sends out a very heartfelt Thank-you to both Dore and DevilSticks for their excellent sock grenades which fit perfectly, are a lovely color, and will be worn many many times :)

Comments (5) -

sorry to hear of your passing ..... but, glad you're in my team for IronKnitter!!!

Well, reassure your hubby that there is plenty more sock knitting madnes in your future!  Four more rounds of Iron Knitter!

Hugs and sorry about your demise!


Thanks guys!

I've been spinning up some really nice rainbow top, and crocheting a few motifs for Marky's afghan so when Friday comes I will be raring to knit socks again!  (Honestly, I've been jonesing to get some kind of sock-like-project on the needles... 2 days without socks in progress - my purse feels a little light ;) )

Well, what more can I say! This post is truly superb. Good thing I have dropped by here. Thanks for sharing your interesting thoughts. Cheers! Laughing

First It was funny to read your blog and I like the way it is. Now it was more funny to received comments from automatic notification from your blog, I think I received about three comments a week.  

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