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29. January 2010 14:34
by Jobo

Storm Day Knitting... What would you do with an EXTRA few hours in YOUR day?

29. January 2010 14:34 by Jobo | 3 Comments

Eastern Canada is hunkering down for another nor-easter... Snow is imminent.  snow day

We're expecting 20 cm of snow over the next 24 hours and some gusty winds up to 80 km/hour so likely by this evening it will be blustery and blizzard-y.  All of the local schools and colleges have preemptively closed for the day, community activities are being cancelled or postponed left and right.  If you listen carefully you can almost hear the children giggle:  "It's a Snow-Day!  Woohoo!"

I agree wholeheartedly!  Being stuck at home for a few days equals  more time to get caught up around the house, and most importantly... more knitting time ;)

I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home when the weather is uncooperative - which is good considering I commute for 2 hours each day!  I started work this morning at 7 am, and will be finished mid afternoon, so I feel like somebody just handed me a few extra hours of free time!  Instead of spending 2 hours on the road today, I am going to use them to catch up on some knitting and fibery projects :)

I have plans to:

- Finally block the 3 pairs of socks that have been sitting completed and are waiting for their final soak

- Spin a few rolag(s) on my latest spindle project (Mystery gift fiber, spun laceweight on an Ashford top-whorl drop spindle)

- Crochet a few more diamond motifs for my Husband's 'Falling Blocks' afghan

- Knit a few rows on the latest socks - Plain Vanilla Stockinette Socks (in Regia Galaxy - Saturn)

blocking socks 1baby blues 2snowySaturnsnowy 2baby bluesblocking socks


What would YOU do with a few extra hours in your day?

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Oooh!! Washington DC is supposed to get some snow this weekend, too!  With some extra time, I'd love to work on my spinning... someday I hope to be able to spend lace weight Smile

Your commute is 2 hours/day?  I'm guessing that it is not public transport, so I am even more amazed that you get so much done.

yeah, Sonja... we are on the road a lot.  We live in Summerside (the city where the hubby and I grew up) but we work in Charlottetown an hour away (an hour and 15 minutes in bad weather or ugly traffic)  We are trying to sell our house and move, but things just aren't going my way.  We've had the house on the market since Oct 2008.  I'm trying to be patient, but that's not really my style!  I knit to keep my sanity!

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