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26. January 2010 09:00
by Jobo

Corrupting the Neighbors... Aka Teaching Coworkers about Knitting!

26. January 2010 09:00 by Jobo | 4 Comments

I remember what it was like when I first discovered online knitting resources. 

I have mentioned to folks before, how in my hometown "yarn" was almost always acrylic... "wool" was "Briggs and Little" or "MacAuslands" products... and "patterns" were found in the yarn aisle and consisted of leaflets from Patons and Bernat.  There were a couple of Local Yarn Stores that came and went, but most of the locals knit exclusively with acrylic basic yarns so that's what products they carried.

I started knitting using products like Patons Canadiana, and Bernat Super Saver yarns... not that there is anything wrong with these things, they were sturdy and reasonably priced.  The garments made from them lasted and were satisfactory.  I learned to make the same afghans and mittens and socks that my Mother and Grandmother had made.  My influences were fairly limited.  I knew nothing of designers, hot new yarns, the wonders of wool, what handspun yarns felt like, the joys of hand painted and fancy colored yarns.  The yarns we had came from department stores basically.  So whatever the stores stocked was what we were exposed to - ewww to the eyelash yarn craze of the 90s.

Enter the Internet.  This unbelievable new resource has opened so many doors for me, and many other artists alike, in many different venues.  It was like a veil had been removed from my eyes - and the things I saw were so awe inducing that I could sit and look at the beautiful things other people had made for hours.  Often I did.

I had never really tried knitting with real "wool"... my only experiences up to that point involved the old fashioned wool that my mom used to hook rugs with.  It was good quality sturdy product, but too itchy for making any garments with in my own opinion.  I didn't like the way it felt.  To me seemed that wool must be itchy, and I didn't like that. 

After being introduced to photos of beautiful yarns like Noro, Cascade 220 (which apparently to everyone else is a staple), handpainted sock yarns, Merino, Angora, Alpaca, and many other lovely wools - I decided to try ordering some things online.  From that point I was hooked.  And I wondered how I could have missed out on lovely experiences like Malabrigo and fancy Silk and Tencel yarns for so much of my life.


At work the other day... a lady saw me knitting at the lunchroom table... I was using some lovely Brightly Colored Merino Sock yarn in a fingering weight - Blues and Purples - working on one of Cookie A's new patterns - "Kai-Mei"

Whattttt are you makinggggg! she said with amazement....

Fast forward a week later after our first knitting conversation... she pops by my cubicle and asks if she can get my help with something.  So I follow her back to her desk and sure enough she has purchased the exact book I had been using that day (oops, I might have told her where she can buy the books) and has a nice skein of self striping fingering wool that she found at the only local store here who sells such things  (oops, I might have mentioned the name of the store in passing)  and she was looking for confirmation that she was interpreting a stitch correctly.

I think I might have corrupted another neighbor.  OOPS.  lol.


Speaking of Yarn-Loving Neighbors... It would be nice to see where all of the lovely encouraging comments come from.  Please comment - Have you corrupted any of your knitting neighbors?  Where are you from?

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Don't know if this counts but I re-corrupted my Mother in law. She hadn't knitted since my husband and siblings were small kids and she just used acrylic as well. She came to visit this past Thanksgiving and we visited one of my LYS. Next thing I know she wants to make some fingerless mitts with some REAL merino wool! I happily gave her some and now I have a companion in crime. Too bad she is in Utah and me Virgina but it is still nice to know she knits!
Oh and I think I am getting her a spindle for her birthday! shh......

that's awesome!  It's a really great thing to be able to craft with family, isn't it? My mom, both Grandmas and my MIL are all quite crafty when it comes to the yarn and fabric arts... so I always have lots of encouragement and help.  There is always one (or more) of them available when I need a second opinion or some sort of inspiration.  It sounds like fun for you to be teaching her to spindle!  I tried to teach Debi, my MIL, to spin on my wheel but we didn't have much time to play with it, so she didn't really have time to catch on.  I hope someday I will get another chance to "corrupt" her too!  thanks for posting Smile

It's been a while that I'm been knitting.
Since I have moved on the island I can of put away all my knitting. Didn't have time...etc.
But I did want to learn what craft people do on an island so I've learned Hooking Rugs, paintings, but I guest I didn't really love all of that. So I went back with knitting.

It's fun to knit at home but it's fun to meet other people who have that passion and that they eiger to learn. I went to the Confederation library every 2nd Tuesday, I was there for a couple of year. Then at the Art Galery of Confederation, they meeting there people who get together and chat, knit, or crochet with a nice herbal tea.
After it's now at people place to get together to chat, knit, have a herbal tea with nice company.
I'm still doing that plus first and second Tuesdays I'm at the french Library knitting with a group who love to knit too, but in french from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
Then once a month at the french library in Summerside on Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

I don't make my own pattern, just occasionally. But I loved any kind of yarns. I guess I'm a crazy lady who which that everybody should knit anything, anywhere they want too.

That's my love for knitting.


Salut Jacinthe...  are you the lady who used to spin up at the Acadian Museum around 10 years ago?  (or perhaps the writer for le Voix Acadian?)  Thank you for writing!  we should talk sometime about these knitting groups in the Summerside Area... I did not know they existed!  if you want to email me sometime, my address is fiddle_grrl AT hotmail DOT com.

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