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15. January 2010 14:04
by Jobo

Sock Wars V: The Countdown is on... Are YOU ready for the Carnage?

15. January 2010 14:04 by Jobo | 33 Comments

sockwarsminilogo_largeGot Yarn?  Check.  KnitPicks Kettle Dyed in "Jay" colorway... a nice Medium Blue in various semi solid shades.  My target is a reasonable sort who says she likes "every color" so that makes it easy!

Got Needles?  Check.  2 sets of DPNs, polished, shined, and ready to get clicking.

Skein Wound?  Check.  sitting in a neat and tidy ball in the middle of the coffee table at home, just waiting for me to get there and give it some well deserved attention.

Got Snacks?  Check.  mmm Chocolate and Red Wine, also a corner store nearby and a Husband who is aware of the importance of feeding a frenzied knitter... invaluable!

Got a Loud Cheering Section?  Check.  I really think the people I work with question my sanity sometimes... (Hi Rob and Debbie!)  but they have all been asking me when the competition begins, and If I'm ready and whatnot.  My mom thinks it's totally possible for me to get a whole pair of socks done in the weekend, so that's a good vote of confidence.  Mark, who up until this point suspected that I might be a knitting junkie, now feels that his suspicions have been confirmed, but since he's officially stuck with me now says he will help support me through this campaign.  It's good that I have him, because I will likely require shoulder rubs, and encouragement to knit like the wind... and Kick that other Knitter's Fibery Butt. (hubby is *slightly* competitive when it comes to *playing* with others)

Schedule Cleared for Maximum uninterrupted Knitting Time?  ummm... this had been accomplished, only now we have potential buyers wanting to come and see our house on Saturday (seriously! don't they know it's Sock Wars Weekend?  sheesh!)  So Friday evening while waiting for the Pattern to be released (oh and by the way... Printer? Check.)  I will be tidying away and cleaning as much as I can so I won't have to waste too much knitting time on staging.  Thankfully I've been keeping the house reasonably tidy and organized the last month in anticipation of more "visitors" with ambitions ;) 

Got home yet?  nope.  sadly still at work.  3 hours of work left, 1 more hour for the commute, then 2 hours of Cleaning/Tidying... then the fun part begins! Bring it on!


I'll keep you all posted on my progress tonight! expect posts regularly over the weekend!

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GOOOOOO Jolene!!!!! You got me all pumped for you! Your speedy fast I know you can do it!!!!!! Can't wait to see your process unless we just see yarn and then socks cause you are just that fast1

lol... if only it was going to be that easy!  thanks for the vote of confidence!  I;m all set to download the pattern in 38 minutes!  woo woo!

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