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11. January 2010 09:02
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Mondays: Mystery Blue Clouds Fiber

11. January 2010 09:02 by Jobo | 4 Comments

Now that the Holidays are over? Yarn Candy Mondays are Baaaaaacccck!

blue clouds

This little puffy beauty is a gift from another local spinner that I was lucky enough to meet up this weekend with for my first real "Spin-in" - BrighidGreen - Thank you, Thank you!  Apparently this wool was purchased for it's super soft cloudy look and feel, and is presumed to be Polworth, maybe.  Since she had a nice big bag of it, she gave me a couple of nice sized handfuls to play with :)  The fiber itself is really light powder blue and feels like it could float away it is so poofy.  Since I don't have very much of it, I'm thinking maybe I'll try and spin it up and then ply it with something else so it will go farther? maybe with a thin bamboo single or something?  I think the shine of the bamboo will just pop next to the icy bluish blend :)

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Well If you didn't write that it is a wool, I will think that it is a cotton candy LOL!

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