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2. December 2009 05:00
by Jobo

Jobo's Favorite Things: Christmas 2009 DAY 2

2. December 2009 05:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Your Second Installment of Favorite items? Santa is you are out there - make that list and check it twice!

Wollmeise Yarn

neptun The most unbelievable popular indie-dyed yarn?  I have yet to lay eyes on a skein of this in person, but the colors (ahhhh the colors!) are something out of a dream!  Most times, I can spot and identify this yarn quite reliably ? both in skein and in knit form ? because of the unique color combinations and rich/bright/vivid/exuberant colors themselves.  The Wollmeise dyes the yarns herself, using various tempting yarn bases (like Merino), and various weights (sock, lace).

Being a sock knitter primarily, I tend to stash sock yarn.  Okay, I tend to *hoard* sock yarn, but who's counting?  (stop counting!)  So when I started to see projects made with this fantastically vibrant unique yarn I knew I had to try it someday.  Currently, I check their website every day hoping that I will find some yarn in stock.  Apparently you have to be online at just the right time to snatch some up because it is so popular.  If you live in Germany, you can actually go into the store and pick some up, though the store's working hours are a little bit short.  Urban legends tell of evil yarnies who purchase Wollmeise Yarns and re-sell them on E-bay for insane prices (sometimes upwards of 60 - 80 dollars per skein) and who consequently become *banned* from ordering future Wollmeise Yarns from the dyer herself.  I think if I was lucky enough to get my hands on some, you'd have to pry it from my cold, stiff fingers, regardless of what yarn base or colorway.


I understand that one woman can only manage to dye so much yarn, but I really really want to try this? and hopefully without having to shell out so much money.  One saving grace with this sock yarn though is the Gigantor Skeins - at 150g per skein that's more than 510 yards of yarn, which is almost enough for two pairs of socks (if you combine contrasting colours for heels/toes, or knit shorter legs)

Wollmeise Yarns are available through:

Wollmeise Website

and sometimes through the Loopy Ewe when supplies are available

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