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23. November 2009 09:00
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: New Knit Pics Sock Yarn

23. November 2009 09:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

A non-descript, boring brown package arrived at my door the other day? To the non-knitter, I'm sure it appeared as any other? But I knew it contained this:  My Knit Picks Order!  (yay for large piles of beautiful Yarn!)

knitpicks blue yarn

This particular beauty is Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn in colorway "Lullaby"  which contains 75% Merino Wool and 25% Nylon for durability.  Each Skein has lots of yardage at 462 yards per 100g - and a steal of a deal at 9.99 per hank.  I *might* have purchased a few *Ahem* ok several of the available colorways.  I wound this into a ball on Saturday to feed the need for long-car-drive-knitting.  So far so good, it is really nice to work with!

Want some?  go here:  Knit Picks Website

I am going to try and post pretty yarn pics once a week for a while? doesn't everyone need a little Monday Yarn pick me up?

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