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18. November 2009 10:27
by Jobo

Sock Wars Taunt!

18. November 2009 10:27 by Jobo | 0 Comments

sockwarsminilogo_large For those of you who aren't aware? SockWars V is coming up in January!  This year will be my first entry in the competition? and I am really really pumped about it!

What *is* SockWars you say?  it's only "the Largest and Bloodiest Extreme Knitting Competition"? which for a crazy sock knitter extrordinaire is like a dream event!

Basically the premise of SockWars is that each competitor is a Sock-Assassinator.  Each participant receives a target's name, address, and sock size in the form of a Dossier (a la James Bond)  You must knit socks from a predetermined pattern specifically for this target competitor and when the socks are completed (ASAP is the name of the game) you must mail them to your target, and when the weapon socks are received by the target player, that player has been assassinated by homemade hosiery and is considered for all intensive purposes to be one dead knit-spy.

Sounds simple enough? Diabolically simple in fact.  You knit like your needles are on fire, as fast as humanly possible, so that your weaponized stockings are out the door in as little time as possible, and will reach your target player before your assigned assassin has a chance to kill you.  When you receive finished socks in the mail - you are dead.  Simple as that.  You pack up what is left of your own pair of assassina-socks, the rest of the yarn, hopefully some notes about where you are in the pattern, and mail this along to the Spy who shagged you killed you.  It is possible for an assassin to kill his/her own target and move on to attacking many more competitors before being killed his/herself. 

The Postal service plays a hidden and unpredictable role in all of the International espionage - sock-grenades will only reach their targets as quickly as the mail can carry them.  All packages must be mailed "regular delivery" and overnight deliveries are not permitted.  When the competition opens, self-destructing wooly surprises will be cris-crossing the globe!  As of Nov 7, there are Assassins signed up from 7 different countries (USA, Canada, France, Australia, England, Italy, Korea) all vying for the title of "Last Knitter Standing."  James Bond didn't need Luck? but luck will definitely play a role in this game!  I hope my first target isn't one who lives too far away?

starwars "Oh R2, I still think I should have gone with the Toe-up design? although they do fit quite nicely after all?"

SockWars V (yes this will be the 5th insane Sock Knitting Competition) begins in January? with the deadline for signups of January 2, 2010.  There is a small entrance fee (4.00) to enter, but it feels like this is a very small amount for all the potential amusement to be had.

I would like to issue a CHALLENGE to all you other bloggers out there - Sign UP!  I Dare you ;)

for more information please visit

mwa ha haaaaaaaa.

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