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16. September 2009 08:18
by Jobo

Wedding Pics... in case you were Curious?

16. September 2009 08:18 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Just wanted to post a few of the professional wedding pics... just got them back last week as a finished album!  Our Photographer Buffie Boily did an absolutely amazing job capturing the day, and taking unique and imaginative photos at every turn.  We had to wait a while to get the final product back, but she made this unbelievable album with a leather bound cover and laminated pages... where the photos just gleam off the page.  Anyways... here are a few of the best shots :)  I feel like a movie star!

The Wedding Party... photos taken in my Grandmother's Backyard!

Along the Summerside Waterfront... just before it poured rain! 

My Grandmother's Green Barn Door


Down a red dirt road in Lot 16... just a mile or so from the Church

What a lovely day :P


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Gorgeous photos!   You definitely should feel like a star.

You look beautiful! You guys look like a great couple. Congrats!

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