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27. August 2009 20:00
by Jobo

These Ain't your Boyfriend's Socks...

27. August 2009 20:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I've been knitting away on that beautiful pink ball of Kauni... and here is what I am making:

Pattern:  Boyfriend Socks by Alice Bell (available for Free on Ravelry)

Knowing that the Kauni itself would be the showstopper, I wanted to choose a pattern that held a little interest (for the knitter who needs some sort of patterning to keep her interested) but would not be so complex that it would overshadow the colour transitions in the yarn.  This is why i settled on Cabled socks.  Something fun and interesting but as simple and traditional as it gets.

I have worked past the heel on the first sock... the pattern is very clear and well layed out, and the cables fairly easy to memorize.  I have been counting my rows carefully though, lately in the evenings I find I can't keep track of more than a few rows in my head... so I keep a pen and a pad of post-its handy so I can scribble myself some notes as I go along, and because they are sticky notes, I can stick them to my pattern and they don't disappear either!

My first toe began with a dark rich fuschia pink and has gradually faded through various shades to a lighter pink.  Just to be creative, and test myself a little, I have decided to work an "afterthought" heel so that I can break up the pink-ness a bit.  I am thinking that I would like to make the heel white, and because the leg will end up being white, I might do the cuff in darker pink.  I am not quite sure how I will manage this completely, but I think I am willing to play a little dangerous here and just see how things go.

In the place where the short rows heel would normally have started, I knit 1 row across the back of the sock (on the plain stockinette side) using some contrasting coloured waste yarn, and when the time comes to work the heel, I will pick up stitches on both sides of that waste row and work an afterthought style heel (I have yet to choose a specific reference to follow, I will keep you posted)

As far as yarn feel, I really like the way the Kauni feels knit up.  The fabric is nice and firm, but not too dense on this size of needle, and the cables stand out nicely too!  I don't find the yarn to be irritating to my hands or to be very scratchy, and overall am enjoying the process of putting together these socks.

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