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3. August 2009 09:42
by Jobo

Sock it to Ya! ...and Commuter-Knit!

3. August 2009 09:42 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Making progress on the latest pair of knit socks!  We had a really busy weekend, so I really didn't get that much chance to knit.  I did get a bunch of spinning done, one handfull of fiber at a time though.  I know it feels like not a lot of progress is made that way, but surprisingly enough, a few handfulls, a few stitches, a little fiber prep - slow and steady wins the race!

Here is sock #1:


Even though this is the second pair of Jaywalkers I have knit this summer, I am still really enjoying working on them.  I am starting to understand why there have been nearly 6500 pairs of documented Jaywalkers on Ravelry... this pattern is just plain ingenious!  That Grumperina is a great designer.


Please be tolerant of the dark pictures... it was a bit rainy the day I took them, but hopefully things will be more sunny and photogenic when I finish the second sock.  I was working on it in the car this morning on the way to work, and managed to turn the heel before arriving. 

I really enjoy knitting in the car these days - it makes a great relaxing start to my day.  When I was little, and even now, I have a really hard time being in the car long distances because I have a tendency to get car sick.  I find I can't really sit in the back seat, or read, or do anything that requires my focus to be taken off the horizon or I get really nauseus.  It had never occurred to me to try knitting in the car before I started commuting every day an hour to and from work.  I was always really afraid to try doing anything in the car, even digging in my purse, or doing anything for fear of getting sick ( I have puked in cars, on buses, at amusement parks, on boats, you name it - I've likely gotten sick on it!)  But in desperation, feeling anxious about my job, Marky suggested that I try working on something to ease my mind.  When we flew to Las Vegas, I knit all the way there, in the airport, in transit, during the flight, and he really noticed that I didn't seem to mind the waiting around as much.   So trying to knit a little in the car became an experiment.  I realized that when I knit I don't really need to look at my hands, I don't really even pay that much attention to what I am doing!  My fingers know how to make the stitches from muscle memory.  It seems that as long as I work on projects that don't require a lot of close attention and looking down, that I can stitch away without any problems.  What a gift for someone who was always afraid of getting sick!  Now, I bring an easy and portable project with me every day and Marky drives the morning leg so I can knit, and I take the afternoon leg of the trip.  If you haven't tried this, you should -  you might be surprised :)

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