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15. July 2009 13:27
by Jobo

Destined to be Norwegian Mittens... someday

15. July 2009 13:27 by Jobo | 2 Comments

For some time now, I have admired (drooled and dreamt over) patterned Norwegian Mittens.  In fact, the first time I saw Terri Shea’s book (Selbuvotter) I ordered it right away without hesitation.  I’ve made a few pairs so far…

For example… Mittens I made for myself last winter :)

This book has great background about the art of mitten making in that area of the world... as well as a wealth of patterns a ideas.  The one thing I found a little difficult was choosing a yarn to make them with though, since most of the prescribed products aren't available in canada.  I swatched and pondered for quite a while before I made these ones. 

In response to the yarn selection issue, I have been thinking for a while about making some with my own yarn.  I’ve come to realize that if knitting something is fun – then knitting it with your own handspun MUST be even More fun!

So I set out to find something in my stash that would work to make mittens out of.  I also owe one of Mark’s uncles something from hand spun yarn, since he has been nice enough to send me raw fleece to learn how to wash and prep for spinning.   Since my first attempt at the washing and prepping process I think I may have gotten a little better at it… but I definitely still have a ways to go!

I had some basic white medium soft fleece that I processed from ick to passable wool.  This was my first real wool carded into batts with my drum carder.  Certainly that process was much simpler than the time I had flick carded and then hand carded a few pounds of fleece.  It isn’t the softest wool… probably around a medium fineness.  I don’t think I’d want it rubbed up against my neck or anything, but it isn’t as scratchy as some of the basic wool products I’ve worked with (aka Briggs and Little or Condon’s Wool)

I also had some unnamed natural grey roving from when I bought my spinning wheel down in Rochester last year.  I know the lady in the store told me what it was, but for the life of me I can’t remember.  It doesn’t feel like any of the other wools I’ve been working with… quite long staple, kind of hair-like, medium to fine feel.

So I have 2 colours – natural and grey… all spun up, probably enough to make a small pair of mittens, but I’m not sure exactly.  I need to do some calculations and see how much of each colour I will need.  I think I still have enough of the grey to do another bobbin worth, and I know I have a few more batts of the natural colour wool.

Either way… These two are destined to be Norwegian Mittens…. Someday.

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did you get it at village yarn and fiber? it might be shetland, if the lady told you it was local.

i love stranded mittens. good luck choosing a pattern!

yes !  It was Village Yarn and Fiber!  you must be from that area?  We were up in Rochester visiting friends last summer and I loved that place.  I remember when we walked into that store Marky took one look around and said "there's a book in the car... you are going to be a while aren't you..." and he left me alone for an hour to wander/savour/fondle yarns.  There are LYS here, but NOTHING like that place!

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