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9. July 2009 19:57
by Jobo

Sigh.... Mo Mohair, Mo Problems...

9. July 2009 19:57 by Jobo | 2 Comments

I was having fun working along with my latest spinning project... the Mystery Mohair  when ANOTHER mystery popped up

Sigh.  I am broken out in a delightful red bumpy ITCHY rash all over one side of my face from my forehead, around my eye, ear, down my neck.  

I haven't eaten anything new or really had contact with anything new except this mystery wool I have been spinning.  In the past I have worked with Mohair commercial yarn, but that was a blend (so only a percentage was actually Mohair) and it would have only touched my hands probably.  I made a scarf and then gave it away.  makes me wonder if I would have had a reaction if I wore it?

Also makes me wonder if this mystery stuff really is Mohair?  or Poison Ivy in disguise?  Common sense says no, but the Rash says otherwise ;)

So I guess I have to put this project to bed for a while... at least until I'm not puffy or red or annoyed anymore.  

I have been knitting though... and will post more about those projects later on this week.


Fun Facts about MOHAIR:

* Hair-like fiber that comes from the Angora Goat

* Does not felt like other wools

* Locks are long, lustrous, smooth, strong, durable and resilient

* adding mohair to your  mix is supposed to add softness and luster to the finished product



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