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7. July 2009 21:20
by Jobo

Mystery: the hair of a hundred Mo's...

7. July 2009 21:20 by Jobo | 0 Comments

When I bought my Drum Carder (from a lady in Nova Scotia over Kijiji!)  It came with a bag of mystery fiber... which she thinks is Mohair

This stuff has been sitting in my stash for months now in a plastic bag... and I haven't touched it really.  What better challenge for the Tour de Fleece!?  than to challenge myself to use this up.

Honestly, I didn't think I liked Mohair.  Most of the yarn I've touched that was made of mohair was too scratchy for me.  This stuff feels like HAIR.  (might be softer than my own hair after being frizzed around in a strong wind?)

And true to its feel - when you tear off a chunk of this roving and fluff it out and separate it out the darn stuff really does look and feel like locks of hair!  I think this roving must have been sitting squished flat for a while (aka in a bag at the bottom of a stash somewhere before it made it to mine?) because it has been really compacted.  I was very surprised to see how "big" it feels once you open it up and fluff it some.  I thought that the pile was pretty small, but once I get it all ready to spin again I think it will look like a much bigger mound than originally expected.

The colours are variegated here from Pumpkin Orange, to Auburn Red like my sister's hair, to Olive Greens, and some Gold and Coppery shades in between.  I think I will aim for a lace/light fingering 2 ply... with the long stretches of colour that I seem to be in love with these days.

I started the spinning... and didn't realize until after the daylight had dwindled that my photo really sucked.  So I'll post the pic because it shows the colours... but ignore the fact that it's blurry OK?  great!  tks!

See?  coppery gold orangey colours! :)

I was also really surprised at how fine the wool is... and how long the staple is!  I think if I was able to go back in time and see the locks that went into this roving they would be really Lustrous long strong shiny fine locks.  **closes eyes and wipes drool off chin**


Well thats it for now folks...I'll leave you with a picture of the drafted shiny soft fiber!

more tomorrow as the TdF continues

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