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31. May 2009 13:29
by Jobo

Engagement Photo...

31. May 2009 13:29 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I know this isn't crafty... well Marky can be pretty crafty (aka evil Laughing) sometimes... but I was excited to see how these turned out.  I think we clean up pretty good  too!


Wedding is in TWENTY days!  getting sooo excited about the whole thing too.  Went to see the reception venue last night since there was another wedding in, and the place was all dolled up.  Things looked really amazing!  I am really pleased, and feel very confident that the decorations I've bought are enough.  Another thing off my plate.


Photos courtesy of our fantastic Photographer Buffie Boily.  (She only does a limited number of weddings per year, and boy am I glad that ours is one of em!)


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