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23. April 2009 18:11
by Jobo

Wedding Favours... aka Candies for You and Me ! (ok, and maybe more for Me :P)

23. April 2009 18:11 by Jobo | 2 Comments

We are on a serious wedding countdown people!  I get married in T-minus 58 days!  Time is flying by, and so are the tasks that need to be accomplished before the big day comes.  Last evening, I went out with the girls and we got our dresses shortenned and fitted.. so yet another chore off the list done. 

I also finally went out and got the candy to go inside the wedding favor boxes yesterday. Some months ago, I purchased a custom rubber stamp from a great little company I found on etsy - Sweet Papery

They were really easy to work with, even with a custom order where we basically took ideas from several existing stamps and modified the design to suit.  Process was fast, easy, and reasonably priced too.  I think I might have to order a few more stamps... maybe address ones, and maybe some gift ones.

For the Wedding Favors, I chose candy because of course, I am completely and hopelessly addicted to candy anyways.  Instead of sticking with one type for all of them, I decided that I would do half and half:  Jordan Almonds (in Mauve and White) and the other half Hershey's Kisses (white and dark chocolate)  The plan is also to "Surprise" some of the most special of guests with their favorite treats.  (i.e Licorice Allsorts in Grampa's Box)

I was lucky enough to find some box kits at Michael's on sale too.  The kits contain cream coloured boxes, Precut Black Ribbon, and some Printable stickers for monograms, but of course I didn't use those since I had my cool stamp just waiting to be inked.  So I used the stamp to print the logo in icicle white ink on Black Card Stock, and voila...

It was hard to decide how much candy to put inside... aka make the supply go as far as possible, but trying not to look like a candy cheapskate either! 

I'm pretty pleased with the end result :)  Now for the hard part.... NOT eating them for 58 more days whilst I wait patiently!


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