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30. March 2009 12:59
by Jobo

Not-So-Secret Knitting Society...

30. March 2009 12:59 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I don’t know if this makes me a weirdo or not… But I like to knit in public.  Gotta wait for hours at the Doctor’s office?  Car getting an oil change?  Sitting in a waiting room for a job interview?  No problem.  As long as I have needles and wool, I will sit and wait patiently with no worries.  Hours can fly by and I hardly notice. 

People, on the other hand, seem to think this is unusual. 

Women walk by with kids in tow… and the little ones seem to gawk at the sight of the yarn acrobatics going on, as if they have never seen someone knit before.  It isn't much of a foreign concept to me.  I remember watching my Mom and Grandma knit and do various other crafts from a very early age... in fact I'm sure I was taught to knit and crochet before I was 10.  I know I did counted cross stitch projects in the very early nineties... which would put me at 9 or 10.

I was unlucky enough to have to wait the other day to see my family doctor… 3 hours worth of waiting whilst sitting in the most uncomfortable waiting room chairs ever.  The fact that it took so long was rather obnoxious, but the annoyance of the wait was thankfully buffered by the fact that I was able to knit ¾ of a sock while waiting.  And then later in the week, I had a job interview, which I had been a little bit freaked out about in the first place.  (I don’t think anyone enjoys those things… seriously)  So I arrived about a half hour early, as my compulsion to arrive early tends to act up when it comes to important/stressful events - and then entertained and calmed myself simultaneously by finishing the last few rows on a pair of plain-vanilla homespun socks.

What always amuses me though, is the reaction of others to the fact that a 20-something, not unattractive woman, is sitting across from them unabashedly holding a cable needle gingerly in her teeth while she completes a pattern row on a nearly completed pair of patterned socks... 

Some people glance and look away.  Some people try to appear as though they didn't notice... but  you can catch them stealing peeks.  Children are fun because they are really honest, and fearless.  I had a little girl ask me one time what I was doing... Knitting a pair of mittens, I told her.  She said, "Oh, Okay!" and then went back to flipping the pages of her picture book, but not before grabbing one of her own mittens (that had fallen onto the floor) and carefully inspecting every inch of them first.

Then all of a sudden from among the non-yarnies... a friendly voice pipes up... "Nice toe-up sock... I've been wanting to try that technique!" or "Nice Yarn... is that homespun?"  or "Nice cables!  I haven't done those in years"... it is the voice of a comrade-in-yarns - another member of the Not-So-Secret Knitting Society.  Once you're in, You're In.  Once you've been bitten by the knitting bug, you really can't help yourself.

You can always spot another knitter across the room, even if they aren't holding needles, because you can tell that they understand.  Not everyone knits in public, but those who like knitting usually also like talking about it.  I know myself, if I see someone else working on something interesting, I can't keep my mouth shut.  I know how good it feels for someone to appreciate my creativity, and I like to pass it on to others too.  It only takes a second to say... Hey whatcha making?

As I got up from the table at my interview the other day, I accidentally kicked over my purse... and my semi-completed green and black socks slid out onto the floor.  I tried to ignore the spill for a moment, and shook hands with all the panel members one last time, then bent down to pick up my stuff.  The room was almost empty... just one woman left.  I said "Thanks again, and Bye" as I got up and turned to leave... "Great looking socks..." she said.

Another member, right where I least expected ;)


Have keys... have wallet... have yarn.... will travel!

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