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Useful Links

Here is a list of Links that I have found useful in the past...  I will try to keep this updated with goodies

General Information Pages 


  • a fantastic Knit and Crochet community (Spinning too!) with lots of patterns, tutorials, groups you can join, people you can chat with about crafting of all sorts.  Sign up is free, though it takes a few days to get an invite, it is Really worth the trouble!  When you get on there... you are able to see all sorts of projects people are making, view finished masterpieces, and even post on forums to discuss challenges, congratulate artists, and drool over all the crafty goodness.  Watch out though, it's so good, it's addictive!  Don't say I didn't warn you!

Technique / How to / Tutorial Pages

     Short Rows Heels and toes

  • when making my first pair of socks using the "short rows" method, I needed a little help.  This website has great pictures, and explains the technique very clearly.  If you need a hand (or a foot? :P) with the short rows technique, I suggest you give this a peek.  her knit work is lovely also, if you get a chance to look around while you are there.

Charts / Basic Information

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