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13. April 2009 11:11
by Jobo


13. April 2009 11:11 by Jobo | 0 Comments

That's one thing about creativity - sometimes you feel really inspired and like you are really making progress on your projects.  Other times, you simply do not feel this way. 

Over the Easter weekend, among countless loads of laundry and visiting with family and friends... I tried to work on some projects, but didn't feel all that productive unfortunately. 

 I worked a few rows on my olive green thrum mittens:  which are up past the thumb stitches on the second mitten now... almost there.  I have enough thrums made to finish, so now I just have to knit them in.  I find I work faster when I don't have to stop and make thrums all the way along.  It's amazing really, I can knit an entire pair of mittens in a very short period of time... i.e a flight to Las Vegas back in the fall.

Mark asked me a bit ago to make him an afghan *just for him* - a man's afghan!  Big, and Thick, and Warm.  So I chose crochet as the poison of choice for that blanket... so it doesn't take me years to finish.  (he read a few of the YarnHarlot Adventures from the books I bought... just to see what all the fuss was about!  and he particularly enjoyed the first story... the Big Green Blanket one)  So he askes so sweetly on Saturday... um, are you planning on doing some more on my afghan anytime soon?  So I took the hint... and completed another half-dozen diamonds.  The pattern is based on Tumbling Blocks, a traditional quilt pattern, so not very complicated, but still fairly impressive looking.  It wasn't big progress, but nonetheless, it was progress.  hey, its better than nothing right?

In other news, we have two coworkers who are expecting babies this summer/fall... so that means more baby goodies need to be finished too.  I knit the cutest little baby socks while watching a movie yesterday.  I will need to make 2 pairs of pink and 2 pairs of blue... since of course we don't know which we will end up with yet.  One Mommy in particular already has two adorable little boys, so if she has a girl this time... it will be *absolutely* necessary for pink accessorizing.  She has had all of the little boy blue stuff, so will definetly need some ruffly pink and purpley items!

So while the progress made didn't equal out to being any completed objects, I guess I did accomplish a little over the easter weekend... though somehow noone thought to bring me any easter eggs or chocolate bunnies!  I bet that would have really upped productivity!  I will have to hit the sale bins at the grocery store later on before all the choco-fiends snap it all up!

Keep on Knittin Folks!

11. December 2008 20:50
by Jobo

Spinning up a storm!

11. December 2008 20:50 by Jobo | 0 Comments

 You know what... I think winter has arrived... ewwww.  It's only the beginning of December, and I have almost had my fill already.  The only thing sustaining me at this point is the fireplace, some comfort food, and warm hugs from you know who ;)

 For a treat, decided to make some homemade butter tarts (one of my all time favorites)  Complete with Gramma's secret family recipe pie crust and big sticky raisins and of course copius quantities of butter and brown sugar.  I realized part way through (after trying pretty much every sized glass in the kitchen sadly) that an empty 19 oz can of tomatoes was the perfect size to cut out my dough circles to fit in standard muffin tins.  Will be keeping that trick up my sleeve next time I have to make tart shells for sure.  Paired up with a cold glass of milk and a warm fire, doesn't get much better than that, even if the wind is howling and the snow is a blowin!

 Feeling the spinning bug this week... I had received a sample of roving with another order the other day from Fiber Optic Yarns - Superwash merino / Nylon mix "footnotes Unspun"  This of course being the perfect excuse to haul out the Traveller and spin for a little bit.  Since it was only a tiny sample, I plied it up with some supersoft natural polworth top I had lying around.  This turned out quite nice, very soft, spongy and attractive in the end.  Will definetly consider buying some more products from this company.  The colourway was:  #57 Sweet Georgia Brown.

In other knitting news... making some serious progress on christmas gifts!

     Afghans!  one finished, one 46/50 rows!  yay for me

     Socks! 3 pairs

     Scarf! 80% done

     Fingerless Mittens! 2 pairs

     Swiffer Cover / Dishcloths! one of each!

Santa would be proud no? 

19. November 2008 00:46
by Jobo

Adventures in Las Vegas: Wooly Wonders

19. November 2008 00:46 by Jobo | 0 Comments

More Yarn Envy... While in Las Vegas on vacation the first of November, of course I had to seek out local yarn shoppes while I was there (duh!) 

I used Ravelry as a resource to find stores nearby, and found a little spot called Wooly Wonders - which advertised yarn, knitting supplies, and some spinning equipment and fiber. 

Main Store Section!  look at all that yarn... I guess they do classes too! 

Of course, I was mainly on the lookout for original items, patterns, gadgets, yarn, etc.  There was a great selection of any kind of yarn you could imagine... balls and skeins and floss OH MY!  I almost purchased enough Debbie Bliss Cashmerino to make myself something reaaaaaly niiiiice, but reined myself in and put it back :P  The sales clerk working was very friendly and knowledgeable, and was great to show me everything I had asked for.  They had lots of selection of knitting needles also, including some really cute hand made ones with clay heads!  The blue jays especially caught my eye, and the apples with ladybugs resting on them.

Since I've been on a sock knitting kick, I did pick up some sock yarn (mmm bamboo sock yarn), and some Lantern Moon Ebony Wood DPN's as a treat for myself.

While the spinning section was abysmal, I was kindly encouraged by the sales clerk that if there was something I wanted, she was sure they could do a special order for me. In stock, they only had beginner spindles, basic fibers, a few wheels for demonstration.  I wonder what it would be like to have spinning classes nearby?  This store really felt like an inviting place to hang out and work on things... so I bet the locals have lots of fun there... Imagine a cup of tea, some good company, and an inspiring project!

For more information about this store... they have a website, but it is really not well put together.  Pretty much all you can get on it is the store contact information and map.

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