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23. February 2010 07:30
by Jobo

Vacation... or should I say STAYcation?

23. February 2010 07:30 by Jobo | 12 Comments

I had some vacation time stashed away... waiting for an excuse to take a break... so I decided to take 2 weeks of it!  I'm one of those people who often saves the vacation time, thinking that I will use it to do something exciting or travel somewhere.  The last few years, what with the wedding, Hubby being in University while working full time, and the long commutes to work, there just hasn't been much of an opportunity to get away for very long.  We used to travel down south to the Caribbean once a year, but bummer, not able to do that this year. 


does not equal


So instead of lounging on a beach in the Dominican Republic or sipping Cuba Libres down in Havana... I'm having a "Stay-Cation"  Basically, I am going to play housewifey...  do a few things around the house, cook supper, pretend to be a tourist in my hometown, knit a little whole lot, and play with my spinning wheel and perhaps dye some fiber!

Someday when we are more mobile again, and not as financially or time constrained... I want to travel again.  On my list of places I MUST see at some point before I croak - Ireland and Scotland.  Being a fiddle player, and lover of all things Celtic, I have always wanted to see these countries and wander into some traditional pubs, sit in the corner and drink the music and atmosphere in.  Also high on my list - Australia and New Zealand.  My best friend was living in Australia for a while, so I thought for sure I would get to go and visit her there, but alas she is moving back to Canada this spring.  It will be really nice to have her be closer to home, but sad that I won't get to see her in Bundaberg.  New Zealand has always held much intrigue for me also, which grew exponentially when the Lord of the Rings Trilogy came around.  Seriously... the country is fantastically beautiful, and apparently covered with Sheep!  (wink, wink)  If you ask me, that's a total win win!

What about you, bloggers?  If you could take off and go on a travel adventure... where would you go?  and more importantly, what project would you pack to keep yourself out of trouble on the way there? 

For me it's usually socks... compact, interesting, useful, amusing.  For me Socks have it all :)

27. August 2009 21:00
by Jobo

All Thumbs... well maybe not!

27. August 2009 21:00 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Lately, I've been a Thrum Knittin Machine!   For Christmas I wanted to make a few pairs to give as gifts, and besides that I've had a few ladies at work ask if I could make some commissionned pairs.  I find that once I get into the swing of things each mitten goes pretty quickly... first the cuff, then the hands, slip stitches onto holders for the thumbs, then up the fingers and cast off.  BUT for some reason I can't seem to get inspired to do the thumbs... lol.  I think it's a kind of thumb procrastination problem!

Here they are... sooo close to being finished, but no 'thumbs-up' around here today.  What's got two thumbs and doesn't give a crap?  Not these Mittens!

Close up of the two contrasting styles of thrummables:

Red solid with traditional undyed cream coloured thrums, with staggered spacing.  Some people say that the thrums done this way look like little hearts embedded in the fabric.

Purple variegated with Natural Chocolate Merino Lamb's wool thrums - in a colour matching the main yarn so as to blend in.  These mittens use the standard evenly spaced grid thrum method, and have a more subtle appearance (less "heart" look) for a special person who would love a pair of thrummed mitts, but perhaps is not the sort of person who would wear things with hearts on them.


The thumbs might get completed someday soon... at least they are on my finish-me radar.  But until then - No Thumbs for YOU!

11. December 2008 20:50
by Jobo

Spinning up a storm!

11. December 2008 20:50 by Jobo | 0 Comments

 You know what... I think winter has arrived... ewwww.  It's only the beginning of December, and I have almost had my fill already.  The only thing sustaining me at this point is the fireplace, some comfort food, and warm hugs from you know who ;)

 For a treat, decided to make some homemade butter tarts (one of my all time favorites)  Complete with Gramma's secret family recipe pie crust and big sticky raisins and of course copius quantities of butter and brown sugar.  I realized part way through (after trying pretty much every sized glass in the kitchen sadly) that an empty 19 oz can of tomatoes was the perfect size to cut out my dough circles to fit in standard muffin tins.  Will be keeping that trick up my sleeve next time I have to make tart shells for sure.  Paired up with a cold glass of milk and a warm fire, doesn't get much better than that, even if the wind is howling and the snow is a blowin!

 Feeling the spinning bug this week... I had received a sample of roving with another order the other day from Fiber Optic Yarns - Superwash merino / Nylon mix "footnotes Unspun"  This of course being the perfect excuse to haul out the Traveller and spin for a little bit.  Since it was only a tiny sample, I plied it up with some supersoft natural polworth top I had lying around.  This turned out quite nice, very soft, spongy and attractive in the end.  Will definetly consider buying some more products from this company.  The colourway was:  #57 Sweet Georgia Brown.

In other knitting news... making some serious progress on christmas gifts!

     Afghans!  one finished, one 46/50 rows!  yay for me

     Socks! 3 pairs

     Scarf! 80% done

     Fingerless Mittens! 2 pairs

     Swiffer Cover / Dishcloths! one of each!

Santa would be proud no? 

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