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5. June 2009 15:52
by Jobo

Spinning Shetland for the First Time... and Certainly not the Last!

5. June 2009 15:52 by Jobo | 1 Comments

It's been a busy week... Wedding things, work things, house selling things...   clearly not enough time to knit or spin!  sheesh!

Since I did accomplish a ton of things yesterday amidst my running around like a crazy person, this afternoon I decided to take a break and veg out.  Time just for me!  So I poured a great big glass of water, put on a movie (the kind that isn't too boring, but also doesn't matter so much if you don't pay too close of attention) and had a couch afternoon.

I decided I would start playing with the Delightfully soft Shetland that arrived in the mail earlier in the week.  I couldn't keep my hands out of the box anyways, it was just a matter of time.  Jen had wrapped the batts in tissue paper, so they didn't get squished or flattened - stayed lofty and airy!  If you want some for yourself... Check out Whispering Pines Farm here

The colour of this stuff is amazing!  Coal black with some silvery streaks through it, and as soft as soft can be. 

The carefully wrapped  batts roll apart and draft like a dream!  The plan for this yarn is to make a special pair of wool mittens for the father who has everything else.  I figure even if someone else gives him mittens, they wont be handspun and knit by me, so it will still be a decent gift!  I had planned on making an angora lining for these, but I think perhaps they won't need it, since the shetland itself is sooo soft in the first place.

Normally, I just spin, and come up with a project later on for the resulting yarn.  This time I knew I wanted something between DK/Sport Weight and Worsted.  This is quite a change from spinning mostly sock and lace yarns... I was having a tough time deciding how thick the singles should be.  So I decided to set up a card with some samples of ready-made yarn taken apart into singles

The Beige is from a taken apart 4 ply Worsted Acrylic (Red Heart I think... this ball lost it's band some time ago) and the pink is a single ply taken from a 3 ply Aran Weight yarn.  My goal is to approximate somewhere around the size of these, and then navajo-3 ply (mostly because it is fast and less waste) 

I am also trying to reduce the amount of twist I am putting into this yarn.  It's for Mittens!  not socks! so the yarn can be more airy and squishy.  The hard-wearing-ness is not as important here.  I am interested to see how close I came to the desired weight... but am trying to wait until after all 3 skeins are finished and the twist set before measuring WPI.  In the end, what will be will be, and I'll just end up adjusting needle size and stitch patterns until it "feels" right anyways.  I also have to remember to measure dad's hand some day discretely, so I can tailor them to fit him exactly.

Here it is again stripped into roving-like ropes... so I can spin more evenly.

More to come on this and the Mitten-Knitting Process!

1. June 2009 21:41
by Jobo

Like a Kid in a Candy Shop!

1. June 2009 21:41 by Jobo | 0 Comments

erm... only there is wool the mailbox!

I knew that there were a bunch of treasures coming in the mail for me... I was severely lacking will power last week and ordered a few Spinning/Knitting Books, some wicked on-sale Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (that Nannapei had mentionned on her blog :) thanks for the hot tip!) and some Shetland wool from a really friendly lady named Jen (on etsy) who raises her own sheep!

So the last few nights as I arrive home from wherever I happened to be all day (work, running wedding errands) I run to the mailbox, like a kid in a candy shop *hoping* that there are presents for me (and not the kind that arrive with dollar figures owing... ugh bills) wooly things all wrapped in brown paper boxes!

Today this came:

  (ignore horrible photography, I was excited)

a big box full of the SOFTEST, puffiest, mose delicious wool! my first experience with Shetland wool!  I know I probably should have waited for daylight and such before taking pictures, but I couldn't help myself!  Honestly I could just crawl right into this box, curl up and not move again for days it is SO soft... and Jen sent along 5 samples of different types of wool too!  Drool... can't wait to be off work this week. Want2Spin.... really badly!  or should I say baaaaaa-dly?

More when I get a day off!

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