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30. July 2009 10:10
by Jobo

Much Ado About Nothing... really.

30. July 2009 10:10 by Jobo | 2 Comments

It's been the kind of week where I've been working on lots of things, but not really accomplishing anything huge and fascinating or anything like that.

UFO's are everywhere, new projects are tempting too!  I've been just playing a little with all sorts of things and trying to make a little progress at a time.  I was sick on tuesday and basically layed on the couch all day.  I didn't really even knit.  that's saying something.

My "Not Mary Kate and Ashley" socks are really coming together.  I have sock number one done now except for the toe grafting, which I will try and finish on my lunch break later.  I cast on the second sock last night, and finished the ribbing on the cuff, and then I fell promptly asleep on the couch!  I will try and post some pics of the first sock tomorrow... I should have time to take pics before it gets too dark outside.

I have also been working on mark's afghan a little, but am not enjoying it very much.  It's the second time I've worked this pattern in the last year with the exact same colours.  So the inspiring factor is pretty low on this one, except for the fact that it's a special blanket for my Honey.  If he wasn't as excited about it, I'm sure I would never work on it.  The real thing that's turning me off though isn't so much the repetition factor... I really really hate the yarn!  I've been getting more and more spoiled when it comes to yarn!  I understand that acrylic yarn totally has a place in the knitting world... but after going from fancy yarn back to cheap acrylic (Red Heart!)  I can really feel the squeak of the plastic on my crochet hook.  It feels almost icky!  I've worked with some other acrylics lately that didn't feel so gross... but in particular one colour that I am working in this afghan... sets my teeth on edge the way it feels on the hook.  I'll just have to grit my teeth and get through it.  I've calculated that I can do a diamond motif and tie in the ends in about 15 minutes or less.  If I can just do a few each day, it will be done soon enough.

Nightsongs is also making some progress... and has been sitting politely on the coffee table piled neatly on top of her pattern, staring at me asking for more attention, but I have been a little tired in the evenings, and am afraid to mess her up.  Need to learn how to do Lifelines.

My plan is to take some photos of these projects for you tonight, and have a better post tomorrow.  No-one ever said that ALL knitting was exciting... some knitting is just.... well.... errrr knitting.   It will get me somewhere eventually.

In the interest of gratuitous yarn pictures... some photos of my dyeing session last weekend... to get you through another gray and raining day (or at least it's gray and rainy here.  would rather be home knitting on the sofa than be here at work dying of boredom ) 

This is 100% Merino Top... dyed with Wilton's Icing Colours.  Looks like Bubblegum Icecream - blue and pink.  Hoping it will mix when spun to make a purplish shade.

15. April 2009 14:44
by Jobo

Wishful thinking... If I did not have to work...

15. April 2009 14:44 by Jobo | 0 Comments

If I did not have to work... Sometimes I wonder how many other things I could get accomplished in the run of a day. I always think to myself... Stupid Job! it's all your fault that I have a messy house, and not enough time to knit/quilt! Yeah right... and Denial is just a river in Egypt! De-Nile get it? sigh.... my sense of humour is a bit wacky these days, it can't be helped :P

It's fun to think about though... If I did not have to work, and could be at home more - what would it be like?

Would the overflowing laundry basket perhaps come back under control? How do two grown-ups dirty as much laundry as we do? Do the socks breed and mulitply when I am not looking? To the blue jeans get lonely in the pile and recruit perfectly good clean clothes from the drawers and closets so they won't be alone there in the hamper? And I am told that once kids arrive, the laundry mad-takeover only gets worse. More and more laundry appears. If I did not have to work, maybe I could set up some security cameras and get a leg up on this laundry problem... maybe...

Would the rampant pile of unfinished objects Finally become completed ones? The Yarn Harlot refers to this disorder as "start-itis"... but I think my problem is more a variant of Start-itis, showing distinct features of Finish-o-phobia as well! Starting new things is fun and inspiring... whereas sometimes finishing projects is a bit sad and depressing. Coming to the end of a complex and particularly interesting project can be somewhat of a letdown - in that you no longer have this neat thing to work on... and now you need to find a new project. And then there is the whole dilemma of older boring and not-so-inspiring projects. What was I thinking starting that tedious mohair lace shrug? I don't even like Mohair! or shrugs?! But it looked so good on the model in the photograph. Now I have two choices... frog it or finish it. Ug I'd rather eat the whole ball of mohair one bite at a time than frog it and admit defeat! So there it sits in the knitting basket, buried with other UFO's and the odd stashed bit of Chocolate (everyone needs to have a treat now and again... and the Husbeast generally doesn't dig through my knitting basket... although maybe now he will knowing that there is candy in there! darn.) Yes, I definitely think I have a combination Start-itis/Finish-o-phobia. I wonder if more Chocolate would cure this? will have to investigate at next possible opportunity. It is also quite amusing how taking all the finished objects out of the basket and looking at them somehow makes one feel like one has made "progress" simply having assessed the situation. Maybe if I take that half finished pair of ugly socks out of that basket another 20 times they will miraculously have finished themselves? Will have to also test that theory... If it works I may not be required to quit my job just to find more knitting time!

Ah the reflections of a crazy woman who is freshly back to work today after a week's vacation.

Hope your Tuesday feels like a vacation ;)


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