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19. January 2011 06:53
by Jobo

WIP Wednesday: Falling Blocks Afghan

19. January 2011 06:53 by Jobo | 2 Comments

marks blanketI've been working on this blanket for far, farrrrr too long.  Mark has been very patient, and *finally* I finished it the other night.  Ends tied in, everything finally completely done!











I can't seem to find the pattern anymore, but I've worked this pattern several times over the years.  Basically it's a diamond shaped granny-style square - crocheted.  And the nice thing is that all of the pieces are worked and joined together as you go.  So that means no annoying sewing together at the end.  There were however a bazillion ends to sew in.

Jan 19 2011 002

Close up!  looks like the traditional "Tumbling Blocks" quilt pattern...

I think this pattern would be a good way to use up leftover bits of yarn... each diamond is about the size of my open hand (palm and fingers) so not too big, but the join-as-you-go construction made the blanket a bit tedious to work with as it got bigger and bigger.  Might I add that this is a "Man-Sized" blanket?  It's twice as wide as I'd normally make an afghan style blanket, and long enough that no-one fights for more covers when snuggling up on the couch for a movie. 

Marky falling blocks afghan He Likes it!

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