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28. September 2010 08:03
by Jobo

A Favorite Hiding Place...

28. September 2010 08:03 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Before I had a Rabbit as a pet... I often thought that a caged pet would be boring and do nothing but poop and eat and stay inside a cage most of the time.  Well, I'm sure if you left a rabbit in it's cage all the time, this could be the absolute truth.  In our family's case though, having Ruttiger come out and hang out with the rest of the gang has been a staggering success.

Before we got him (he was 4 months old on Sept 10, in case you were following)  I read a whole lot of forums and articles about "house rabbits" to try and get a feel for what I should do with the little guy when he arrived home.  I remember one article that suggested just getting down to the rabbits' level and just do what you normally do, and their curiosity will win out and the rabbit will come and see what you're up to.  The article suggested that if you normally come home and open the mail... just do exactly that.  Come home, open the cage, sit on the floor and open the mail - chances are the Bun Bun will come and see what you are doing.

I've tried to incorporate this philosophy into my Rabbit Care regime.  As a bonding activity, I make sure to take 15 minutes around feeding time morning and evening to sit right on the floor with Ruttiger, and feed him the first handful of his pellets while sitting on my knee and nibbling the kibbles out of the palm of my hand.  In the beginning I would have to coax him over... Now, he's on top of me before I have both buttcheeks firmly planted on the floor.  He curls right up and relaxes with me for the first handful or so, and then eats the rest happily from his bowl inside his cage.  For me, this activity has been a very rewarding and connecting one - My one-on-one time with my Furry little Bun-Child.

The bonding process seems to be going well... now the little guy follows me wherever I go.  If I'm gathering laundry in the bedroom, he's right there sniffing around and running under the bed.  If I'm cooking supper, he is flopped at my feet vegging out.  If I sit down, he comes over and walks all over me and checks me out thoroughly.  he will gladly hop into my lap, and doesn't run away when I try and pick him up as often.  I think he believes me now that I'm not going to Eat him!  though I might hug him and tease him a bunch!

Here he is following Momma into his favorite room... if he is out playing and suddenly disappears you can bed he's flopped on the cool tile floor.  We had a friend visit the other day.... who asked if he could use our other bathroom... since this one was "occupied" already lol ;)

25. August 2010 08:53
by Jobo

Badness and Fur...

25. August 2010 08:53 by Jobo | 1 Comments

That's what little Boys Bunnies are made of! Ruttiger was being extra cute this week... so I decided it was time for more bunny photos.

He is a big boy bunny now, at 15 weeks.  He has started shedding his baby coat, and has been receiving a lot of extra grooming lately to keep that loose fur from flying all over the place and matting up.  It's tough to keep the extra fine baby coat in shape... I'm hoping that the texture of the adult coat will be a little easier to manage.  Meanwhile, I'll have to continue the serious brushing every second day with the hopes of keeping the level of matting down, and preventing wool block!

Ruttiger Aug 23 2010 a

Hi there everyBunny!

Here I am with my yummy pellets... or as Mommy calls them "kibbles"  Either way this things are mega tasty! 

If I act all cute and fuzzy (as if I really have to try hard) Mommy will pick me up and let me eat the kibbles out of her hand while I sit on her knee and get my ears and shoulders rubbed.  When I need a break from grooming, I just put up my paws and pretend that I want to snuggle with her, and she puts the yucky metal "comb" thingy down and coos to me and hugs me.  If I keep practicing I think I can train her just right!

Ionestly, I think I have these silly humans all figured out... I just have to act the Cute and they feed me the Tastys!  Daddy loves to feed me carrots and pineapple... and he gives bigger portions than Mommy does. 

Plus he does tricks for me! I have him trained to give me treats if I run back and forth through the tube, or jump on a box, or raise up and pretend to beg on my hind quarters.  Sheesh... Humans are smarter than I thought they were!  It has only taken a few sessions and I have him trained almost perfectly!

Anyways... I think I wanna go chew on my apple branch that my Mom left in my cage.  More Later -

- Nose Bumps and wiggles

Ruttiger Fuzzybottom Richardson III

Ruttiger Aug 23 2010 b Ruttiger Aug 23 2010 c Ruttiger Aug 23 2010

P.S. Yes, I know I am the best little Fuzzy Boy... Mommy tells me so all the time!  I'm not sure what she means when she calls me "spoiled" though... I'll have to look that up someday...

14. January 2010 08:09
by Jobo

Sock Wars?. Warming up for Wool Warfare!

14. January 2010 08:09 by Jobo | 29 Comments

BombThe week is quickly taking shape - it's almost time to cast on and get moving on the hosiery hand-grenades!  My target has been contacted, though hasn't responded as of yet, and the yarn has been chosen.  I've been keeping my hands busy and in shape by knitting socks constantly since before Christmas.  I've tried out patterns with new techniques to challenge myself just in case the soon-to-be-released sock wars pattern contains some new or unfamiliar things.

Tonight I have to wind the skein into a ball (preferably centre-pull so I can knit both socks at once), get home to my parents for a quick visit (Mom picked me up another 2 sets of 2.25 mm DPNs when she was in town last week) and test out my gauge* by knitting a quick swatch (ewwww gauge=poo)

sock wars ready2 ?Knit? or be KILLLED?

My plan for this weekend - get mellowed out on Friday evening? clean up a few things in my general knitting vacinity and then prepare to stalk the Sock Wars website to download the pattern.  Then it will be a frenzied knitting fiasco? I think I can get both cuffs and potentially both legs knit to the heel before bedtime, depending of course on how complex the sock patterns are, and on how much of an attention span I actually have.  Sometimes I can knit for hours and hours and be fine, and other times, at the end of a long work week my brain is applesauce.  Only time will tell.  I have a bottle of Wolf Blass available, and a very large Lindt milk chocolate bar with almonds hiding somewhere in the house where the Husbeast won't find it and thief/eat it on me? so I think I have all of my bases covered. 

I hope to give you all a blow by blow accounting of the Sock Wars experience? or should I say stitch by stitch?


t_handgrenade_ezg_5 This Public Sock Wars announcement will self destruct? KA-BOOOOM!


Good Luck to all participants? OH and WATCH YOUR BACK  FEET!

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