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30. March 2011 08:29
by Jobo

Greensleeves.... er socks...

30. March 2011 08:29 by Jobo | 1 Comments

    greensleeves back to back

I have a soft spot for Knit Picks sock yarns.  Ok there.  I admitted it.  Seriously though, the value is excellent, and the selection is fun.

Some time ago, I had unconsciously decided to steer away from self striping or self-patterning yarns.  I think maybe it was because I had been doing more cabled and lace patterned socks, so the stripes and fancy yarns tended to get in the way of the design.

Lately, there have been a bunch of great colors in the self striping selection from Felici (a 75% Superwash Merino /25% Nylon) Blend Sock Yarn.

Every now and again, I just feel the need to make some plain jane, vanilla, boring, ordinary socks.  The kind where you don't follow a pattern, you don't really plan ahead, you just go for it.

This pair had languished for a while.  I had started them months ago (back before the Maritime Handspinner's Retreat back in October!) but somehow had gotten ignored in the Jeep.  These were my "Car" knitting project, and I kind of forgot they were there!


greensleeves solesgreensleeves without blockersgreensleeves 2

The Goods:

Pattern:  Made up as I Went! Knit from the toe up, 2-at-a-time on circulars, afterthought heels.  No regard given to whether the yarns were at the same point in the color progression at the starting point.  result - clearly related, but more fraternal than identical.

I really like the fact that these "match" but aren't identical.  I love how the heels and toes look different when you wear them.  Felici is soft and comfortable to wear... though I haven't had the heart to really break these in yet.  They're too pretty to wear out too quickly!  I had underestimated how much yarn was left when I started the cuffs.  Normally I don't enjoy knitting ribbing, so I don't work too much of it in a cuff.  If I make it to 2 inches, I'm doing well.  So when I realized I had so much yarn left, I really didn't want to frog and knit more stockinette and then re-do the cuff.  I just persevered and knit on... in ribbing... forever.  The result is a nice stretchy, soft, springy cuff though.  I can see why people like that feeling, and I don't think the socks will slip down as easily. Drat.  The ribbing, it does *nothing*, is actually useful, and I should consider making more of it perhaps.  Drat!

24. November 2009 08:00
by Jobo

Sky Rockets in Flight... Afternoon Delight..

24. November 2009 08:00 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Afternoon Delight SocksNo… Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT too young to know the words to this song… my parents always listened to the local “Golden Oldies” radio station so I am fully versed in old/obscure music ;)joy of sox

But back on topic… “Afternoon Delight” is one interesting sock!  I decided to use some Heidi’s By Hand sock yarn that I picked up over at London Wul last summer and just go for it. 

The pattern is one by Sivia Harding and can be found in Joy of Sox along with a whole bunch of other neat patterns.  Every time I look through the book I talk myself into making another pattern from it… dangerous!  I particularly like that the book is bound spiral ring and will lie open flat, which is a plus for hands-free reading and knitting.  I hope to do a more thorough review of the book once I’ve had a chance to make a few more patterns from it.

I am really enjoying this pattern… nice clear charts and descriptions (though there is an errata, which I had identified before starting by looking at the lovely socks already completed by fellow ravellers) and the design itself is fun to work on.  I haven’t been able to memorize the lace chart, but all of the practice “reading” my own knitting has really paid off because I can pick up my knitting and know where I am without having to write anything down.   The toe-up heel is a little different compared to others I’ve tried so far, but seems to have a nice fit.  I guess there are many different ways to skin a cat?

Berries and Wine Yarn for web2The yarn itself has a nice feel… a little more “tough” than squishy soft, but I know that will make for some more hard-wearing socks.  In some ways, it feels like Kroy I think.  I do this Heidi’s by hand to be a little thinner than some of the Merino yarns I’ve used lately, but I think once the finished socks get a good soak and a blocking they will soften up a bit.

Berries and Wine Yarn for webThe pinky purples are definitely what I needed for this project though!  In the book, Sivia’s original socks are knit in a tone-on-tone aqua blue, with little bits of darker and lighter colors, but overall a blended shade that reminds me of the bottom of a pool.  I decided to omit the beads, mostly because I didn’t think that beads would be very comfortable inside shoes.  It’s kind of too bad really, because pearl beads would have been really sharp, don’t you think?

I currently have both socks cast on… one of which is up past the heel, and the other which is just coming up to the gusset increases for the heel.  My goal is to get them both up to the same past heel point, and then divide the remaining yarn left in the ball in half so I can try and knit these up as far as possible.  I am not sure if I will have enough to make knee highs, or if I will decided to continue in that direction when the time comes anyways.  (I like wearing knee high socks, but have never managed to knit socks that ambitious)

  Afternoon Delight Socks2

9. May 2009 16:13
by Jobo

Finished... Self Striping Socks!

9. May 2009 16:13 by Jobo | 0 Comments

My plain vanilla, driving in the car socks are finally finished!

I had bought this yarn a few years back, since it had a combo of my favorite colors: blue/green/yellow.  I also must admit - I do have a thing for self striping and self patterning things.  I know some people don't like the randomness of this style of yarn, and I will admit sometimes there is flashing/pooling that is even too wild for me, but I like watching the pretty colors slide through my fingers.  I like being able to see a pattern emerge, whatever that happens to be.  And... I really like that there is a distinct pattern or stripes and NO extra ends to tie in.  My nemesis... the tying in of ends on knitted items.  The more ends, the more likely that I never finish it!

For flashbacks' sake:

the Yarn - Kroy Jaquards 

Honestly, Kroy has always been my standby sock yarn.  It's reasonably cheap, wears well, washes well, and is made of wool, but still not too itchy for sensitive feet.  My Grandma makes my Grandfather homemade socks every year, and always uses Kroy with satisfactory results.  I will admit, the stuff does feel like wool, and is a little itchy to work with, but it doesn't bother my feet to wear.  I think this will be my 3rd pair of socks made from this yarn, which is actually kind of ironic since it is like 20 degrees and delightfully sunny today!  I was a good little homeowner today and went and pulled the weeds out of my vegetable garden.  My chives look like a bumper crop this year already.   (Craving Baked Potatoes with sour cream and freshly snipped chives sprinkled over the top! mmmm)

Here is the finished pair!  Resting on their sock blockers

I just realized though, looks are a little deceiving.  Side by side they are identical in length, but in this pic I must have one hiked up higher than the other, because they sure look mismatched!  (grrr, will have to go inspect them later.)

I am really loving this toe up construction... I knit on both of these from opposite ends of the ball until the socks were as long as I could get.  I like my socks to be higher up, since I find in winter I am cold a lot of the time... ahem, cold enough to bring on the wool socks after all ;) wink wink  It makes me feel good also to know that I can use up the majority of each ball of wool.  Seriously, I have no idea what to do with those little 2 inch balls of leftover sock yarn.  At this point I must have a dozen of these, and no prospects on what to do with them yet.  Most of them are self striping too, or really wild colors, so they will likely end up living in the leftover yarn bin for a long long time.

Anyways folks, I'm going back to play outside!  (aka knit on my current pair of socks whilst basking in the pre-summer sun)

Hope your day is Bright and Sunny too.


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