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21. April 2010 21:00
by Jobo

Just for Fun: What's your Knitting Style? Results!

21. April 2010 21:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

picker or thrower surveyApr19After running my survey experiment...

I thought I'd share the results of the poll with you!

From the 27 replies, it appears we have a pretty good mix of different knitting techniques and styles!

     41% Picker

     33% Thrower

     26% Mix of Both Styles

Like many of you out there, my style is really a mish-mash of both English and Continental styles...  but that's what works for me :)  It is pretty amazing that we can all do things in our own style and fashion, and in the end it all amounts to the same thing!  Someday I would like to be able to knit continental style, but for now, I'm still learning how to hold the yarn in my left hand while keeping appropriate tension. 

Thanks for participating :)

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