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2. May 2011 08:47
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday - Superfine Finery

2. May 2011 08:47 by Jobo | 0 Comments

On my quest for the Haapsalu Shawl..... I've been looking at various fine yarns, to try and find some suitable product to try a prototype shawl before I set out to spin my own and make one entirely from scratch!  I found this soft, white, superfine beauty from Webs!  It's Filatura Di Crossa - Centolavaggi... a 2 ply, very fine, Italian superwash Merino lace yarn.  How fine?  100 g has 1531 yards... hopefully an acceptable amount for a very Nupp embellished full sized Haapsalu Shawl.  Time will tell... I guess :)

filatura di crossi white yarn fine

filatura di crossi white yarn

This stuff is so light and fine... it practically floats in your hand!  The winding process was fairly straightforward (i.e. no knots or messes) but because of the fantastic yardage - took the better part of an hour!  The Merino is very bouncy and luxurious :)  I hope it works out fine for the desired project.

15. May 2009 20:02
by Jobo

Sunshine on My Shoulders - Rippled Shawl

15. May 2009 20:02 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I couldn't help myself... I know this isn't a Finished Object yet, but I had to get out the pins and stretch this out over my sofa cushion just to get an idea of how its turning out:

Feather and Fan Shawl (free pattern on Ravelry here) knit from my own handspun 2-ply yarn that started as this:

for those of you who are regulars, this might look a little familiar (I had 2 braids... one of which became sock yarn earlier this spring)

I have been wanting to make another handspun shawl for a while, and have been attracted lately to "Old Shale" style or "Feather and Fan" patterns, so Today when I saw someone post  a picture of their own handspun shawl made with this pattern I couldn't help myself... I went upstairs and grabbed a set of Circs and was off to the races.

The pattern is really well written, and simple to follow.  In fact, while watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy and trips back and forth to the laundry room I managed to get quite a bit of this done!  I'm sorry I didn't have the patience to photograph the yarn before I cast on.  (I have a habit of doing that... and also giving away completed projects before photographing, just because I am so excited to pass them on!)

A lot of the rows in this pattern are straight knit or purl, so the design works up fast, and is interesting enough to keep my attention but not so complex that I have to turn off the Television either.  I can see me making several of these, just because they do work up so quickly.

As per usual, please note the plastic yellow heads of the quilting pins impaled in my sofa cushion... Hey, they aren't just for quilting anymore I tell you!

When I spun Captain Corriedale into Sock Yarn, I was more focussed on adding the necessary extra twist, and other socky details.  When this yarn was spun, my only goal was to have really long stretches of colour, so that if I did manage to knit it into a triangular shawl, the colours would make effortless pretty rippled stripes.  Thus far, I have gone from Purples to greens, to blues, to lemon yellows, and am enjoying every moment of 2-ply barberpole deliciousness.

One more pic for the road... I think I might have to go finish this!  I estimate that since I have about 1/3 of my yarn used, I could potentially have this shawl completed and ready for blocking this weekend..... IF we don't have to show the house fifteen times before that. 

Note:  If selling your house sounds like fun, whoever told you this is a big fat stinking liar.  It is about as much fun as frogging a project you had 99% finished and then realized that you MESSED UP and have to frog it back almost to the cast on.  OH, and not only do you have to rippit rippit, you chocolate stash is gone, and there is no more red wine.  There.  That's how much I am enjoying selling my house.  Thankfully there IS a little bit of White wine left, and I think I have some imitation easter confectionnary somewhere hiding in the back of a drawer... So I am going to go back to my knitting. *steps down from soap box*

Have a good Weekend All


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