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15. July 2011 13:00
by Jobo

Ruttiger... Summer Salads are Delicious!

15. July 2011 13:00 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Ruttiger June 27 Salad

It has been such a treat having a vegetable garden again!  When we moved last year, it had been too late to plan anything, so we didn't have any homegrown vegetables at all. This year, Marky built me some 4x4 foot container gardens for the back yard so we could resume the gardening!  I planted tomatoes, onions, carrots, herbs, several types of lettuce, spinach, and yellow beans... most of which have come up and are doing pretty well.  The spinach and lettuce are big enough now to chow down on, and the beans should be starting to flower soon, so the beans won't be far behind. 

Ruttiger is also enjoying the fresh summer vegetables!  Throughout the winter months, he got treats of whatever we were eating at the time, but having a garden in the backyard means that I can go grab a handful of bunny salad anytime I please.  He's been getting bits of fresh grass, timothy hay, clover, lettuce, spinach, and all sorts of goodies.  (I think he might eat as many vegetables as I do these days)  At least on the days when I know the heat is getting to the little fuzzypants, I can give him some wet veggies and know that he is getting the proper amount of water and isn't getting dehydrated!

In other news... fresh Island Strawberries are also out - another classic taste of summer here on P.E.I. yummmmmmmm.

30. June 2011 14:03
by Jobo

Sunny Summer Days on P.E.I.

30. June 2011 14:03 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I think summertime is finally arriving here on PEI... with flowers blooming, the garden growing, and even a few warm sunny days too!  My garden is picking up finally... we ate freshly harvested spinach last night, and the lettuce won't be too far behind.  I can't wait for the yellow beans, tomatoes, herbs, and other plants to catch up though.  I'm still knitting a bit, but photography is a challenge since all I have is my iPhone to snap pictures with.  I've almost finished the baby hat I started earlier in the week, and my Purse-socks are almost done too... I'll have to be coming up with something new to work on soon :)  Maybe over the weekend.

Pei Lupins June 2011 Lupins in the ditch on the way home...

sunny day PEI June

Blue Skies and Red Fields... in Cherry Valley.  Love the wispy clouds!

28. July 2010 09:55
by Jobo

Knitting away... Where IS that Camera?

28. July 2010 09:55 by Jobo | 1 Comments

Summertime... ahhhhhhh.  Love the bright summer sun, and warm days.  But somehow, I haven't managed to take any knitting photos in the last week! 

The Projects:

- Plain Black Ribbed Men's Socks:  Yes I am completely insane.  I love the way they are turning out, but 3x1 ribbing for an entire sock, especially at a men's size 10... it feels like these are going on forever and ever!  I hope to take some photos of these soon, but seriously folks, they are PLAIN BLACK SOCKS.  period.  not much to see here!

- New Russian Spindle!  I ordered the most wonderful little Russian supported spindle from Gripping Yarns with hopes of learning to spin very fine Angora yarns from my soon-to-be ample supply of beautiful, supersoft, silver blue angora.  So far I've spun the sample that came with the spindle (which is the finest yarn I've ever spun, hands down) and a small sample of pure white plucked angora (not sure which angora breed, didn't say on the bag)  I absolutely love this spindle... from the feel of the wood under my fingers to the way it spins.  Clearly I need a bunch more practice before I make anything substantial from it, but the majority of my daydreams the last few days are all about this Spindle!jobo and rut 2

- Liesl:  Progress is being made, but I am annoyed with the tangles of yarn hanging off this sweater as I knit the sleeves.  I had been avoiding casting off or tying anything in... just in case I needed to frog.  I think I need to get rid of some of the hangers-on though.   I think my first goal should be to cast off the hem.  That will be easy to undo if necessary, and hopefully I won't need to anyways.  First things first eh?

- Ruttiger: The cutest little fuzzbutt around decided he wanted to sit completely on my lap this morning for the usual eating of the kibbles... I think he is learning to trust me more and more, which makes me feel like less of an inept Bunny-Momma.  He is so cute and has such a silly little personality... I could just eat him up.  And since Nobody *Ahem*Marky*Cough ever thinks to take our picture... We did it ourselves last night, rut rut and I, so from arms length with a crappy camera phone:  here we are! (Ignore the bad hair day... focus on cute furry wabbit!)

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