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17. February 2012 05:57
by Jobo

Startitis… and why I needed to start something new I’ll never get to work on…

17. February 2012 05:57 by Jobo | 0 Comments

- Stress is a funny thing… it makes us do strange things.  In the 6 weeks since my daughter was born I’ve gotten very little time to myself.  I often don’t manage to get cleaned up and have a shower before my husband gets home at suppertime;  I am so exhausted I need many naps throughout the day;  I spend many many hours trapped under a 10 lb cutie pie while she nurses. 

- Why-oh-why then did I need to start a new project?  My Monkey socks are still languishing (though they make an excellent purse-project, if I ever leave the house sans-infant again) and unfinished for the time being, staring at me from the coffee table like mean little orange beasts (neener neener… look at us sitting here, and you CANT work on us right now!). 

- One evening when my Mom was here visiting, she helped me wind a new skein of yarn into a ball, so that I’d have something pretty to play with once the socks were done.  This is, of course, assuming that they will ever actually *be* done… lol.

Erato in String Theory Black Cherry 1

- This is the yarn… and hence the reason I couldn’t resist it.  The yarn is so freaking pretty!  and cheery!  and bright shiny beautiful red!  (and contains cashmere) and in general makes me want to feel it up and carry it around with me in my pocket.  That’s how I knew *it* needed to become a scarf or a shawl or something that could literally walk around with me all day.  (also discussed in a previous post – linky)

- Yarn:  String Theory Caper Sock – in Black Cherry

- The Project:  Erato by Romi Hill which is one of the patterns from year 2 of the small shawls e-book. 

- I get email updates every time a new shawl becomes available… and it’s such a terrible tease!  I love all of the patterns, to the point of going into the stash and digging for yarn practically every time the ebook updates on Ravelry… though I don’t always follow through, bob-darnit, I have a skein of yarn that I think matches each and every pattern.  If only there were 28 hours in a day… and chocolate magically appeared in the bowl on my coffee table…

Erato in String Theory Black Cherry 2

- I haven’t made a lot of progress, though I’ve managed to cast on (win!) and work the first few charts (win win!) and get comfortable with the pattern in general so I don’t need to focus so darned hard (win win win!) 

- Side note:  sleep deprivation is cruel, and I am not a very smart or organized person on 2 hours of sleep.  Someone should tell my child this; she is ruining mommy’s knitting productivity.  Also, I have not yet devised a strategy to successfully knit while breastfeeding.  If you have a magic formula for this:  please advise!  (We could make a lot of money with that information!)

- My favorite part so far?  the little twisty cable columns!  So cute, and not that complicated now that I’ve done a few of them. 

- Bonus?  the majority of the rows are stockinette (score!) with just a few elements thrown in to keep things interesting.  Even sleep deprived new mommies can do stockinette (or so I keep telling myself between frogging sessions)

- Current location:  Chart E, starting 3rd repeat.  That leaves another E, F, G and H.  I might finish this shawl sometime in 2012… gosh I hope I get to knit enough to finish it before Romy graduates from college…

9. May 2009 16:13
by Jobo

Finished... Self Striping Socks!

9. May 2009 16:13 by Jobo | 0 Comments

My plain vanilla, driving in the car socks are finally finished!

I had bought this yarn a few years back, since it had a combo of my favorite colors: blue/green/yellow.  I also must admit - I do have a thing for self striping and self patterning things.  I know some people don't like the randomness of this style of yarn, and I will admit sometimes there is flashing/pooling that is even too wild for me, but I like watching the pretty colors slide through my fingers.  I like being able to see a pattern emerge, whatever that happens to be.  And... I really like that there is a distinct pattern or stripes and NO extra ends to tie in.  My nemesis... the tying in of ends on knitted items.  The more ends, the more likely that I never finish it!

For flashbacks' sake:

the Yarn - Kroy Jaquards 

Honestly, Kroy has always been my standby sock yarn.  It's reasonably cheap, wears well, washes well, and is made of wool, but still not too itchy for sensitive feet.  My Grandma makes my Grandfather homemade socks every year, and always uses Kroy with satisfactory results.  I will admit, the stuff does feel like wool, and is a little itchy to work with, but it doesn't bother my feet to wear.  I think this will be my 3rd pair of socks made from this yarn, which is actually kind of ironic since it is like 20 degrees and delightfully sunny today!  I was a good little homeowner today and went and pulled the weeds out of my vegetable garden.  My chives look like a bumper crop this year already.   (Craving Baked Potatoes with sour cream and freshly snipped chives sprinkled over the top! mmmm)

Here is the finished pair!  Resting on their sock blockers

I just realized though, looks are a little deceiving.  Side by side they are identical in length, but in this pic I must have one hiked up higher than the other, because they sure look mismatched!  (grrr, will have to go inspect them later.)

I am really loving this toe up construction... I knit on both of these from opposite ends of the ball until the socks were as long as I could get.  I like my socks to be higher up, since I find in winter I am cold a lot of the time... ahem, cold enough to bring on the wool socks after all ;) wink wink  It makes me feel good also to know that I can use up the majority of each ball of wool.  Seriously, I have no idea what to do with those little 2 inch balls of leftover sock yarn.  At this point I must have a dozen of these, and no prospects on what to do with them yet.  Most of them are self striping too, or really wild colors, so they will likely end up living in the leftover yarn bin for a long long time.

Anyways folks, I'm going back to play outside!  (aka knit on my current pair of socks whilst basking in the pre-summer sun)

Hope your day is Bright and Sunny too.


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