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29. March 2011 08:54
by Jobo

Be sure to take a Break!

29. March 2011 08:54 by Jobo | 0 Comments

March 27 2011 090

Ruttiger Rabbit felt the need to lay down and rest near my spinning wheel the other night... I'm not sure if it's because he's trying to tell me something in particular, but he cozied up right next to the treadles last night and had a nice little nap before doing the Bun-Bun 500 around the living room rug.  Don't you just love the relaxed Pose?  Nose wiggling, back feet splayed out, front legs relaxed, ears in neutral.  He's a cute little fur-baby!

3. December 2010 11:59
by Jobo

That's no "Cop" out...

3. December 2010 11:59 by Jobo | 0 Comments

I've come up with a unique way (or at least I've never seen anyone else do it this way... so I thought I should share) to unwind a full cop of singles from my drop/supported spindles...

Basically here it is in a nutshell:

- It can take a very long time to unwind a full cop by hand into a ball for plying or for storage.  I always end up frustrated, often tangled, and bored with all of the repetitive winding.  I'd rather be spinning or knitting!

- My solution is to wind the spindle's contents off onto a spare spinning wheel bobbin, where it can be kept until plying/finishing, in a neat and orderly compact form.  I can then take the bobbin and wind a plying ball if I want, I can ply directly from several bobbins on my lazy Kate, or in the case of something like silk singles, I can wind directly from the bobbin to the niddy noddy for finishing.  The best part is that I can have my spindle back right away to start on the second cop if I wish, and deal with the finishing of the singles later on.

- I can set up my Ashford Traveller such that the drive band is around the bobbin only, and the bobbin will basically wind up the yarn from the spindle (without adding or removing any twist from the single) - and it can wind much faster than I can by hand.

- it was obvious that my supported spindles will stand comfortably in a bowl while I wind with the wheel... but I discovered that my suspended spindles (aka my goldings and other pretty toys) will stand on their hooks and spin in the palm of my hand quite freely.  It's like holding a spinning top!  ... and it tickles a little!

- Please check out the video... I think pictures say things easier than words sometimes!

I hope this technique helps spinners out there to wind singles more efficiently - More spinning and knitting time for all! (and let them all have cake also.  the end.)

3. September 2009 07:30
by Jobo

The Bobbins... they do Nothing! or do they?

3. September 2009 07:30 by Jobo | 2 Comments

I finally bit the bullet... and decided that expensive or no, I was going to finally order a Jumbo Kit for my Ashford Traveller.  I had been putting it off for quite a while telling myself that they were *only* bigger bobbins... that they wouldn't really *do* anything for my spinning.   And then, while plying the other night and worrying that I would overflow my current regular bobbins and have to splice an otherwise lovely skein of yarn, it hit me.  Oh-Jobo-just-order-the-darn-thing-and-get-it-over-with-already-you-weiner.

So here we are.  Brenda Gilmour (at Gaspereau Valley Fibers) was nice enough to help me figure out what I needed and then order it in especially for me!  I found her site/store while surfing one day looking for Ashford Suppliers.  She is fantastic to deal with by email and over the phone... and their website has all sorts of yarn and fiber goodies!  Stroll on over and check it out if you dare :)

The box came yesterday when I wasn't feeling very well... so I did unpack it, and touch every piece, and set it up on the wheel, but I didn't take any pictures yet... I plan on doing that tomorrow since I have a 4 day weekend (woooohooo!)


Stock Photo from Ashford


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