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29. March 2012 08:57
by Jobo

Banyan Tree... completed!

29. March 2012 08:57 by Jobo | 0 Comments

Now I just wish I was lying in a hammock in a lovely warm tropical breeze under an actual Banyan Tree... instead of being zonked with a lovely sniffly sneezy cold :(

Either way though, the socks are lovely!

Banyan Tree Finished 2

I really enjoyed everything about this pair... from the twisted rib, to the leaves (which always seem to fly off the needles for me), to the little cables (I don?t know why I never thought of making 3 stitch cables and just moving the outside stitch? duh!) and the streamlined and simple foot.  I also enjoyed the heel flap, which isn?t rocket science, but looks so different compared to the standard slip stitch heel

Banyan Tree Finished 

All in all ? a great knit... and a free pattern!  Go check it out over at the loopy ewe :) they have fantastic yarns too by the way, and excellent customer service!

15. February 2012 09:36
by Jobo

Monkey Socks? perfect knitting for Labor?

15. February 2012 09:36 by Jobo | 0 Comments

- I needed something easy but interesting to bring with me to the hospital work on the day that labor was induced? so I opted for another pair of Monkey Socks (Cookie A.)

- I had done these once before, so I knew the pattern was well written, and I also remembered that the basic construction was straightforward and I could work on them without really needing any paper pattern.  I took a photo of the main chart with my phone, so I?d have that to fall back on, but other than that, I just needed stitch counts to get started.

- I knit all morning while the contractions were getting started.  I worked the cuff, and then 3 repeats of the pattern design before things got too hairy and I needed to stop.  After the epidural I was exhausted and a little woozy, so I had to put the knitting away after that.

- Yarn:  Knitpicks Stroll Solid in Pumpkin                   - Needles:  2.5 mm Circular

Romy's Monkey 1

- Progress:  Normally I eat socks for breakfast.  I can knock off a whole pair of socks in a week or less when I?m feeling particularly focussed.  Compare that to now:  I finished sock number one around the 4 week post-partum mark? and sock number two is cast on, but only halfway to the heel so far.  At this rate, I?m looking at not finishing these until March sometime!  I?m finding that I?m gradually getting more time to myself with the little beasty having a little more independence, but still not what I was accustomed to? not by a long shot.  She is wonderful, but is seriously interfering with fiber and knit time!  sheesh kid!

- Strangely enough, it turns out that my Daughter, Romy is also a little Monkey.  I wonder if it?s a coincidence?  Or maybe she?s just following in her father?s footsteps.  He?s also a bit of a baboon sometimes *wink*

8. February 2010 09:32
by Jobo

Yarn Candy Monday: Another great sock yarn find!

8. February 2010 09:32 by Jobo | 2 Comments

Earlier in January, I was introduced to Webs - another great online yarn retailer.  They have a special "Closeouts" section, where they list yarns that are being discontinued, or that the company was able to sell off at a greatly discounted price.  Since we are all trying to cut back on unnecessary spending, I figured that this might be a good chance for me to check out the sales, and perhaps try some new sock yarns for some pretty reasonable prices.

I was drawn immediately to the Araucania Ranco section... I have seen many projects made by other Ravellers, and the reviews looked good.  Plus the "Solids" selection was on sale for 7.99$ (US) per skein.  I couldn't resist, I ordered up two yummy skeins and hoped for the best!

Arucania Arucania Ranco Solid in "Lime" and "Fuschia"

After having made just one sock out of the lime green stuff, I am hooked.  I really like the feel of the yarn - very bouncy and full, but not itchy or stiff feeling.  Just the right balance.  When knit up, the stockinette sections of my sock are nice and smooth, but yet cables and lace are clearly defined too! The finished fabric is just right on 2.25 mm needles, not too dense or too thin.  I will definitely be buying more of this.

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